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Oral-B Connect Club – toothbrush head refill progam

Oral-B Connect Club is a subscription based service owned and run by Oral-B. It delivers Oral-B replacement brush heads to your door every 90 days.

Rather than having to go out to the store to buy a replacement brush head, with a subscription to Connect Club the brush heads are delivered to you at regular intervals.

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This way you should have a replacement available around the time your brush head is due to be changed.

Alternatively, if you buy packs of Oral-B brush heads from your local store or online, you could just set a calendar reminder to switch your brush head every 3 months.

Oral-B connect club is a chargeable service, so you do inevitably end up paying a bit of a premium for the convenience.

It is important to replace your brush head regularly.

Brushing your teeth twice per day will wear the bristles and can cause bristles tufts to become miss-shaped reducing their effectiveness.

Using a toothbrush head for longer than 3 months on average can potentially cause damage to the teeth and gums, hence the benefit of this subscription offer.

And with a subscription to Connect Club you can be assured that the brush head you receive is an authentic original Oral-B head.

Introduced in 2020, the Oral-B toothbrush head refill program is currently exclusive to those who have purchased the Oral-B Sense toothbrush.

It is an opt-in based system and you need an Oral-B Connect account to participate.

You can cancel the subscription as and when you like.

At the time of launch, the club is rather surprisingly only offering the CrossAction head, despite a much wider range of options being manufactured by the company.

Oral-B CrossAction Brush Head

I would have at least liked to have seen the Pro GumCare brush head included, given it offers a softer bristle arrangement.

In time I am sure the choices will be increased, but given the size and ability of Oral-B to offer such a program, it is quite poor not to have such choice.

Whilst typically you need to replace the brush head every 3 months, you might like to replace yours more frequently. It is frustrating that you cannot change the frequency from the default 3 months/90 days. It feels like a simple oversight in the basics of this subscription.

Oral-B has and remains selling brushes through typical retailers. This is likely still going to offer the best value route of purchase. Buying multipacks rather than subscribing will be cheaper.

Ultimately the connect club takes some of the hassle away from you on remembering to replace the brush head and using a worn brush head for longer than you should.


  • What styles of brush heads can I subscribe to?
    • Currently, you can only subscribe to receive a CrossAction brush head.
    • Althernative brush head styles include:
      • Pro GumCare
      • FlossAction
      • PrecisionClean
      • 3D White
      • Sensitive
      • Ortho
      • Interspace
    • None of these are yet available on subscription.
    • This guide to Oral-B brush heads provides more information on each as well as offering some buying choices.
  • Can I change the brush head replacement/delivery frequency?
    • At present, it is set at 3 months/90 days.
  • Can I cancel at any point?
    • Yes, you can cancel your subscription as and when you like through the Oral-B Connect app.
  • How do I manage my subscription?
    • Subscriptions can be managed via the Oral-B Connect smartphone app available for Android and iOS devices.
  • I don’t own an Oral-B Sense toothbrush can I subscribe?
    • Currently, the program is exclusive to users of the Oral-B Sense toothbrush.
  • Do I have to use the Oral-B Connect Club subscription program?
    • No, you are not required to use or subscribe to this program.
  • What is the Oral-B Connect Club brush head replacement policy?
    • If your brush head is delivered damaged or defective, you need to make contact with Oral-B Customer Support and they should gladly send a replacement.

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