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Goby vs Quip vs Burst

Goby vs Quip vs Burst 1


Philips Sonicare and Braun Oral-B might well be the leading brands in the electric toothbrush market, but in recent years there has been a rapid emergence of new companies offering similar products with potential benefits for you and me.

Goby, Quip and Burst Oral Care are three of the most popular new brands.

Their big differentiator to the likes of Oral-B and Sonicare is that these brushes are sold on a subscription model

Think of them like the Netflix, Amazon Prime or Spotify of the electric toothbrush market.

Where once you were expected to go out and buy replacement brush heads when you needed them, now they are delivered to you at regular intervals when the head should ideally be replaced.

Each of these brands is grabbing media attention and vying for your custom, but which brand and brush should you go for and why?

All have their pros and cons and one may appeal to you more than another.

In this guide, I present as much information as possible for you to become better informed on which brand is more suited to you and why.

Quip vs Goby vs Burst Electric Toothbrush [USA]

Goby vs Quip vs Burst: the short answers

I know you might be short of time and want simple answers to help make your purchasing decision.

The following questions are the same as those I used when comparing Oral-B and Sonicare.

Whilst I try to remain as unbiased as possible I have ultimately given my opinion on which brush is best for each circumstance.

Please note: Impartial, I do try to be, but these answers are inevitably led to some extent by personal opinion. They are subjective and really don’t tell the whole story. It would be worthwhile to read the remainder of the article to really decide which is best for you.

  • Which has the best brushing technology? Goby
  • Which has the best design? Quip
  • Which offers the most features? Burst
  • Which is quietest? Quip
  • Which has the most accessories? Draw – Burst & Quip
  • Which has the best battery life? Quip
  • Which is the most innovative? Draw – Quip & Goby
    Which is the best quality? Draw – Goby, Quip & Burst
  • Which is the cheapest? Quip
  • Which is best for families? Draw – Goby & Burst
  • Which is best for travelers? Quip
  • Which has the best warranty? Draw – Goby, Quip & Burst
Goby vs Quip vs Burst 2

Goby vs Quip vs Burst: which is best?

Goby is the best.

This is my opinion when comparing these three electric toothbrushes, and we rate it as the number 1 choice in our best subscription toothbrush post.

Based on my answers to the question above, Quip would, in theory, be the brush to go for, however, these answers don’t tell the whole story.

Where Quip might excel or be appealing for one reason, it does not necessarily tick every box.

All told none are ‘bad’ and all will benefit your oral health when used correctly.

Read on to really understand the differences and why Goby gets my vote.

Goby vs Quip vs Burst 3

Which one to buy?

Only you can ultimately answer this question.

You need to pick the brush that suits your needs and wants best.

I hope the information in this article helps you make a more informed, that is my intention after all.

I do genuinely believe at the time of writing Goby, is best suited to most people, but the design, size and innovative portability of Quip is extremely appealing.

No shopping around – go direct

Unlike Sonicare and Oral-B electric toothbrushes that are sold through many different outlets online and across the country, Goby, Quip, and Burst are sold to you and I direct.

You won’t typically find them on the store shelves (unless a particular distribution partnership has been setup), you need to go to their online stores and make the purchase and subscription for yourself.

By going direct you are normally going to get the best deal.

Prices tend to remain fairly stable, although it is always worth seeing if there are any discount codes to be had.

Here is a link to each storefront:

Goby vs Quip vs Burst 4


If you want to learn more about each individual electric toothbrush, you can do so by checking out my hands on reviews.

I have spent several weeks testing each brush, using them on a daily basis and share my thoughts and opinions, including lots of hands-on images in a written and video review.

Goby vs Quip vs Burst: which brushes in each range are equivalent?

If you read my comparison of Sonicare vs Oral-B you will learn that each manufacturer has a number of different models within their range, each with different features and price points that make comparing brushes incredibly difficult.

Thankfully, Goby, Quip, and Burst keep things a lot more simple.

Each has just one electric toothbrush to choose from, although all three brands do offer these brushes in different materials and colors.

Goby vs Quip vs Burst 5

The subscription model & plans

If you are not already aware Goby, Quip and Burst oral care are all centered around a subscription model, whereby you pay a higher fee for the brush handle and then pay a lower fee for replacement brush heads at predetermined intervals.

The subscription continues until such time as you cancel it.

I do take a look at the entry-level plans within my long answer to which brush is cheapest.

I have actively chosen not to do a detailed comparison of the plans as it can get very complicated, particularly when you start including accessories, brush head replacement frequency and personal circumstances.

In truth, there is generally only ever a small price difference and for most is not going to be a make or break factor.

If you need assistance I am happy to help, but prices change, personal circumstances and budgets for each individual are different, so I would rather give personalized suggestions based on your circumstances and the pricing at that time you are making your decision.

Goby vs Quip vs Burst: the long answers

Whilst I gave my answer to each of the questions presented earlier, the reality is that for some of those questions it is not quite as simple as selecting just one brand that is better.

Personal opinion, experience, need and wants all come into play, making giving a precise answer more difficult.

Why do some people drive a Dodge and others a Ford? Why do some people go for designer label clothes over unbranded products?

The reality is there are different driving factors for us all in the decisions we make from quality to budget, to need and wants.

I wish now to explain each answer with detailed reason so that YOU can make YOUR OWN conclusions with some facts and data to support.

Which has the best brushing technology?

In my short answers, I said Goby.

The Goby toothbrush has a small round brush head, very similar to the likes of that from Oral-B whereas Quip and Burst have larger more rectangular heads, more akin to Sonicare.

The smaller size makes the brush slightly easier to move in and around tight spaces in the mouth and I also think easier to follow the model of tooth by tooth cleaning, which applies with electric toothbrushes; whereas the larger heads cover more than a single tooth at each time.

Whilst to my knowledge no clinical studies have been conducted as yet comparing these three models, I felt that the cleaning action provided by Goby was better than that of Quip and Burst. After each use, my mouth felt that little bit cleaner and more refreshed.

Goby vs Quip vs Burst 6

Goby do not claim that their cleaning action is the same as Oral-B but it is very similar to its oscillating brush head movement. It does miss out on the pulsations that Oral-B offer.

Although not easy to make a direct comparison, Oral-B clinically outperforms the sonic cleaning action that Sonicare brushes offer and seeing as Burst and Quip follow the Sonicare brushing approach, I think there is merit to this argument that Goby cleans better.

The Goby toothbrush offers two different cleaning modes, the standard mode at 9,000 oscillations per minute and a sensitive mode that runs at 7,500 movements per minute. This is very closely aligned with the speeds at which an Oral-B brush head moves.

Quips offer just one cleaning mode where the bristles move at 15,000 strokes per minute.

Burst offers a more impressive 33,000 strokes on its most powerful cleaning mode of the three available.

Burst is most closely aligned to Sonicare brushes that typically offer 31,000 strokes per minute.

Quip is half the power and it feels very weak in comparison to all other electric brushes.

In fact, when using Quip, you are advised to perform short brush strokes manually, in addition to the sonic cleaning action that is taking place. Normal electric toothbrushes don’t require this same level of manual movement.

Goby vs Quip vs Burst 7

Quip feels more like a crossover between manual and electric and I feel few will really be satisfied.

Existing or previous electric toothbrush users will find it underpowered, whilst those who have only ever used manual brushes will gain benefit, but probably still be surprised that the cleaning action is not stronger.

Quip is the only one to have the American Dental Association seal of acceptance, which is a bit of a bonus, but I think this acceptance requires quite some investment to put the product through the qualifying process, something Goby and Burst have unlikely been prepared to fund at this stage.

Goby vs Quip vs Burst 8

I mentioned about the brush head size, but another factor that influences the cleaning action is the bristles on the brush head.

Goby’s brush head has clusters of bristles all cut to the same length, whereas Goby and Burst have varying lengths of nylon bristles.

Quip makes use of the industry leading nylon bristles also, but has around the outer edge of the head fitted what appear to be silicone or possibly thermoplastic elastomer bristles.

Shorter, but thicker than the nylon bristles they are designed to be gentle on the gums and soft tissues of the mouth.

I rate both Goby and Quip above the bristles found on the Burst brush.

Goby vs Quip vs Burst 9

The bristles here are made from polybutylene telephthalate (PBT) rather than the more common nylon. Cheaper and more durable than nylon, they are not as soft or flexible and in brushing the teeth. When brushing I experienced a stabbing sensation at the gumline from the bristles which are cut at varying heights.

In addition, the bristles are infused with charcoal, which is, in my opinion, a bit of a ‘fad’ at the moment within the oral healthcare industry. Activated charcoal has chemical properties that may help people whiten their teeth and this is used as a sales pitch by many. The reality is there is little if any benefit.

Goby vs Quip vs Burst 10

Which has the best design?

In my short answers, I said Quip.

Whilst each brush ultimately looks very similar to what you might expect of a toothbrush, they are all individual in their own way.

The Burst brush perhaps looks the most standard, but the handle is accented with this diamond-esq pattern that adds a grippy texture and unique look to the brush handle.

Goby has quite a unique shape with what you might consider a teardrop-esq design.

Goby vs Quip vs Burst 11

Sadly neither Goby or Quip will stand upright on a countertop like Burst will.

Goby does come with a stand that allows this.

Quip’s handle is rounded with no rough edges, even the base is rounded, like the bottom of a test tube, and looks super sleek and minimal, feeling and looking very trendy in hand.

With options to purchase Quip in either metal or plastic and with a good number of color options available, they catch the eye.

Goby brushes are available in metal and plastic finishes also.

Goby vs Quip vs Burst 12

Both Goby and Burst work better for those who may struggle to grip onto a brush, Quip is very thin and lacks on places to grip onto, but for the vast majority, I believe Quip is the nice brush to handle particularly in the premium metal finish.

I cannot exclude the very clever design of one item that comes with Quip. It is a plastic tube that acts as a travel case and a wall mount for the brush.

Slightly larger than the handle itself, it slides over the head and the majority of the handle to protect it when in a bag or pocket on the go. It can be removed, stuck to a flat surface like a mirror or tiled wall and then turns into a mount into which the brush can sit when not in use.

For those who like a bit of color in their lives, Burst has the most limited color range with a white, black and rose gold color option.

Goby offer:

  • Classic kits
    • Midnight blue
    • Blue
    • Tangerine
  • Monochrome kits
    • Black
    • Rose
    • Glacier
  • Metallic kits
    • Gold
    • Rose gold

And Quip offer:

  • Silver metal
  • Slate metal
  • Copper metal
  • Gold metal
  • Blue plastic
  • Green plastic
  • Red metal – Special edition model with a donation made to charity
  • All-black metal – Special edition model with a donation made to charity

Which offers the most features?

In my short answers, I said Burst.

One of the appeals of all three of these electric toothbrushes is that they are not bogged down with lots of ‘unnecessary’ features.

Oral-B and Sonicare have a number of brushes that have lots of different features and whilst I cannot knock them for offering such, few if any are really needed for the vast majority of people.

Extra features can certainly add to the experience and work towards helping your oral health, but a dental professional will advise at the core, brushing twice a day with the correct technique is going to get you a lot further than all the extra ‘features’ a brush may offer.

I think it is fair to say that Burst has the most features because out of the box it comes with 3 cleaning modes where Quip and Goby come with 1 and 2 respectively.

In all honesty, the difference between these modes is minimal and I see little clinical benefit for them but they exist nonetheless.

Not provided as standard with the brush, you can purchase a travel case to hold the handle and up to 2 brush heads, as well as some colored bands that can fit around the brush heads.

Neither Quip nor Goby offers a travel case that can hold the handle and a spare head nor do they offer a way of differentiating between brush heads, should you be sharing a brush handle in a family environment, where heads need to be interchanged.

The documentation that comes with a Burst toothbrush suggests that the brush has a pressure sensor built in, which I think is very valuable. However, in day to day use, I was unable to detect its presence.

All three models have the 2-minute timer and quadpacer which I feel is essential for any good electric toothbrush.

Which is quietest?

In my short answers, I said Quip.

Without question, Quip is the quietest, almost silent in its operation.

Compared to Oral-B that can be quite loud and mechanical sounding all three brushes are quieter.

Burst is a little louder than Quip, with Goby being the noisiest.

Quip and Burst produce a vibration and humming sound, whereas the Goby toothbrush produces a much louder mechanical noise.

The downside of opting for the quietest brush is that you don’t get the best clean.

Goby vs Quip vs Burst 13

Which has the most accessories?

In my short answers, I declared a draw between Burst and Quip.

To be honest this is a bit of a tricky category and really there is little difference between all three brands.

None offer an extensive range of aftermarket accessories or come with lots in the box already.

All offer the ability to buy replacement brush heads, as you might expect.

Goby offers no additional accessories over what comes in the box. It comes with a travel case for the brush head only.

Burst, on the other hand, does not come with a travel case, but you can purchase this separately.

This travel case is better than both Goby and Quip as it holds the handle and up to 2 brush heads.

Burst also offers colored bands to fit round brush heads as well as spare/replacement power adapters and believe it or not, t-shirts.

Quip includes a travel case in the package, but you can buy this as a spare/replacement online as well as purchasing a manual toothbrush and toothpaste in different tube sizes.

Thus, although slightly different offerings, Burst, and Quip offer the greatest ability to source accessories.

This said, it is not like there is an absolute need for accessories.

Quip and Goby come supplied with the travel case which if anything is the most important accessory for the vast majority.

Goby vs Quip vs Burst 14

Which has the best battery life?

In my short answers, I said Quip.

Technically Quip does have the ‘best’ battery life, but unlike Goby and Burst, Quip uses a user replaceable AAA battery and not a built-in rechargeable battery.

A single AAA battery slides inside the Quip brush handle and should keep the brush operational for a little over 3 months.

A new battery is delivered every 3 months along with the brush head that is delivered as part of the subscription plan.

Goby’s battery lasts about 12 days whilst Burst lasts about 28 days.

Goby vs Quip vs Burst 15

The cleaning action of Goby is different from that of Burst and Quip, but Burst offers double the number of strokes per minute than Quip so is bound to use the battery power quicker than Quip.

Whilst the Quip toothbrush might be the better one to take if you are in the middle of a jungle and away from power for several weeks, it offers this benefit at the expense of the cleaning action in my opinion.

Goby vs Quip vs Burst 16

Your views may well be different, but after every 3 months you dispose of the AAA battery in Quip, but when the battery is depleted within Goby or Burst, you just recharge them, via USB power outlets.

I am not sure of the exact math, but I would expect Goby and Burst are better for the environment.

As a result, these two brush handles also provide a little more feedback, via lights on the brush handle, about battery capacity and remaining power that Quip does not.

It is worth noting at this stage both Goby and Burst have a charging stand that has a USB cable attached. You can, in theory, charge the brush from a USB port on a computer, a USB battery bank or power outlet on the wall. They do both come with a 2 pin USB power adapter to connect them to the normal power supply.

Whilst keeping both in their stands is perhaps most convenient, with Goby, you can detach the cable from the stand and it magnetizes to the back of the brush for charging.

Goby vs Quip vs Burst 17

Which is the most innovative?

In my short answers, I declared a draw between Quip and Goby.

Both are innovative in different ways and it is hard to determine which is actually most innovative.

Goby has a brush head replacement reminder system built into the toothbrush.

An LED on the power button alerts you when it is time to replace the head.

Too many people replace the brush head frequently enough.

Our very own dental statistics revealed that 26% of users replace their brush head every 6 months, despite recommendations being every 3 months.

Whilst it does not track the use of the brush head quite like Philips Sonicare do with their BrushSync enabled toothbrushes the reminder is very useful.

Ok, all three services do offer regular brush head delivery intervals, but Goby works on a time frame based on when you actually replaced the brush head rather than when a new one was sent to you.

This is very important for your dental health as a worn brush head can be causing more damage than good.

A high five to Goby for implementing such, but praise must go out to Quip also for their innovative take on toothbrush holder and travel case.

The one plastic sleeve doubles up as a protective barrier to the brush handle and bristles when in a bag but also acts as a convenient storage option when in use, placing it away from the countertop but oriented so it can dry out.

The multipurpose element to it is great and the thin semi-sticky pad that runs down the plastic tube sticks to most flat surfaces with ease, even though on first examination you may think it won’t.

Which is the best quality?

In my short answers, I declared this a draw between all three brushes.

This might seem a bit of a cop-out answer but let me explain why.

Quip comes in both plastic and metal handled options as does Goby, whereas Burst is all plastic.

Even though Quip and Goby offer metal construction in places, large parts are still plastic.

I think metal feels more robust and premium, but some like the warmer touch of plastic.

The different color finishes also affect the final look and feel.

Burst tends to have a matt color finish, whereas Goby is a little more shiny, which I am not such a fan of.

Quip is much more minimal and there are fewer square edges which I think gives the perception of better quality to the touch, but plastic is more resilient and the contouring on the Burst handle and the rubber grip on the edge of Goby can make them feel more grippy, robust and stronger to the touch.

Therefore I kind of feel they are all on a level playing field here.

Providing you are a subscribed member of any of these services you have a lifetime warranty, so who can really argue with that?!

Goby vs Quip vs Burst 18

Which is the cheapest?

In my short answers, I said Quip.

Assuming the most basic package is selected, with 3 monthly deliveries of a single brush head, then Quip is the cheapest option.

Whilst prices are always subject to change, at the time of writing it works out as follows:

  • Quip
    • $30 for a plastic handle + $5 every 3 months for a replacement head – $85 over 3 years
    • $45 for a metal handle + $5 every 3 months for a replacement head – $100 over 3 years
  • Goby
    • $50 for a plastic handle + $6 every 3 months for a replacement head – $116 over 3 years
    • $80 for a metal handle + $6 every 3 months for a replacement head – $146 over 3 years
  • Burst
    • $70 for a plastic handle + $6 every 3 months for a replacement head – $136 over 3 years

Burst, in particular, are generous with discount codes and coupons and it is very easy to save another $20 on the quoted cost of the brush handle.

Whilst all three companies are centered around a subscription model, it is possible to make a one-off purchase or cancel the subscription before the next brush head is due to be dispatched out to you.

The price differences can get quite complicated as there are different packages available from Quip in particular, and both Goby and Quip there are the different materials, metal or plastic that impact the price.

Whilst Quip is actually the cheapest, there isn’t a great deal of difference and I personally think Burst and Goby are worth most consideration because I feel they clean the teeth better, which is the job of a toothbrush right?!

Goby vs Quip vs Burst 19

Which is best for families?

In my short answers, I declared it a draw between Goby and Burst.

The reason I have come to this conclusion is that I believe both brushes offer a better clean than Quip does, with Goby being the best.

With all brands, you can buy additional heads as one of the purchases or on subscription for other family members.

Burst offer, as a separate accessory, colored rings, called ‘Burst Bands’ that can be purchased and fitted to additional brush heads.

The colored ring is the identification tag for whose brush head is whose.

This means that if each user has their own brush head, it is easier to differentiate between them than it would be with Goby and Quip that do not offer such colored identification rings.

Cleaning modes are really low in the list of priorities on any electric toothbrush. You might think that the 3 modes of Burst is better than the 2 available on Goby.

Goby vs Quip vs Burst 11

However, I personally noticed the speed of the brush head differ between the clean and sensitive modes on the Goby brush than I did the 3 modes on Burst. I am not as convinced the different modes are really doing as much as you might think.

Another really silly little design element on Quip means the brush head on its own does not stand upright whereas it would with Goby and Burst.

This might not seem like much but, when other users need to store their heads, upright storage is often better, so the head can air dry and keep out of contact with other surfaces etc.

That said, all could potentially be fitted to a brush head stand as an alternative.

If the price is an overriding factor for families, the lower cost of Quip heads would be attractive, there is $1 to be saved on each head.

For those families that travel, Burst might be worth your vote as the travel case will accommodate 2 brush heads rather than 1 that is supplied with Goby and Quip.

Which is best for travelers?

In my short answers, I said Quip.

Whilst Quip may not, in my opinion, offer the best clean overall, there is no denying that it will win the hearts of travelers.

There are a few reasons why this is best for travel in comparison to Goby and Quip.

The overall size is an absolute bonus here.

Whether you are traveling with nothing more than a backpack or you have a suitcase, Quip takes up little more space than a pen.

Goby vs Quip vs Burst 21

It is super slim and tucks away in the smallest of spaces. Heck, it could even be placed in your shirt pocket without too much issue.

The travel case that slides over the brush head and handle is pure genius as it doubles up as a wall mount when you reach your destination.

The mount does not lose it’s adhesiveness all that easily so it can be removed and remounted without issue in many locations as you move from one destination to another.

Whilst most travelers will come into contact with power supplies fairly regularly, the fact that Quip is powered by a single AAA battery that lasts 3 months, means you don’t really have to think about it.

The battery lasts a long time and when it needs replacing, the universal AAA battery is easy to source.

Goby has a slim USB charging cable, whilst Burst has a much bulkier charging stand but both require much more regular recharges. Whilst both come with USB 2 pin adapters, both do support global voltages of 100-240v which is handy, should you travel.

Which has the best warranty?

In my short answers, I declared a draw between all three.

Quite simply how can one be better than the other when all come with a lifetime warranty, providing you remain subscribed to the service.

All companies seem very approachable and are much younger and dynamic than the large multinational corporations that are Sonicare and Oral-B.

Goby, Quip, and Burst all feel like you are dealing with humans rather than an outsourced process which can be the case with the larger brands.

Goby vs Quip vs Burst 22

Additional factors

I believe that the twelve categories I have used to judge Goby, Quip, and Burst, covers most instances and considerations you may have.

However, there will often be differences and other considerations to make based on personal circumstance.

If the information provided has not helped you or you need further clarification or assistance, just ask by commenting below or contacting me.

A few additional noteworthy points….

All three brands are US based.

Goby and Burst offer a money back guarantee/trial period, whereby you can get a full refund if you are not happy. Burst’s trial period lasts 90 days compared to the 60 days of Goby. Quip does not offer such.

All three brushes are designed to resist water and can safely be rinsed under the tap, you can in most cases use them in the shower also.

None would really recommend or advise prolonged exposure to water and certainly advise against immersion/submersion in water.

All three brushes have a 2-minute timer and quadpacer built in, which I see as extremely important factors when selecting an electric toothbrush. Further explanation of specific toothbrush features can be found in my electric toothbrush buyers guide.


You may or may not agree with my recommendations within this article, and that is fine.

There is no simple answer when comparing three different brands and their electric toothbrushes.

As best as possible I have given my opinion with an explanation as to why I have made the conclusions that I have.

Ultimately, none of these brushes are bad and all, when used correctly, could have beneficial effects on your dental health.

Your opinions

Do you own or have you used any of these subscription-based toothbrushes?

Are there certain features that you really like or dislike?

Let me and the readers of this article know what you think about these brushes, by commenting below.

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Having handled & tested hundreds of products there really is very little he does not know about them.

Passionate about business and helping others, Jon has been involved in various online enterprises since the early 2000s.

After spending 12 years in consumer technology, it was in 2014 that he focused his attention on dental health, having experienced first-hand the challenge of choosing a new toothbrush.

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13 thoughts on “Goby vs Quip vs Burst”

  1. Hi Jon:
    Very thoughtful and thorough analysis.
    Thank you very much for this detailed research into the three products.
    I am now comfortable with my decision to select a product based on your exhaustive research and analysis.
    Thaks again

    • No problem Urman. I would be interested to hear which you selected and why and what you think of the toothbrush you end up choosing.

    • Hi Barry,

      The power supplies included in the box for Burst & Goby both state ‘made in China. It does not state this on the box or handle for either model.

      Aside from this I see no other information to specifically state where they are made. I have not seen any of the 3 companies stating that they are made in the USA or other countries. It would be fair to assume they are made in China, although I cannot give a 100% guarantee.

  2. I have a small mouth, still have my wisdom teeth. I have a Goby. I find it very difficult to get to my wisdom teeth with the fat, round brush. I have to use my manual brush often for my wisdom teeth to feel clean. Also my battery never lasts longer than 5 or 6 days. It cleans well otherwise. I like the power it has when fully charged.
    My daughter uses the Quip. I feel it lacks power but she likes it. The brush shape works best for her.

    • Thanks for the feedback Cathy, much appreciated.

      You might have tried this already, but a tip I have for getting to the very back is…

      Rather than opening the mouth wide to try and access the wisdom teeth, close the mouth as much as you can. Doing so relaxes the jaw and cheek muscles and you can find that you have more space to move the brush head of the Goby toothbrush around the teeth at the back of the mouth.

  3. I wish the Quip had more power and all my dilemmas would be answered. I read this entire article and have no idea which one I should buy Quip or Burst. I love the sleekness of the Quip and metal option as I’m changing to an electric one for the sole purpose of reducing plastic in my house. I’m still so confused. I like a strong power when I’m brushing.

  4. I’ve had a Goby for about three years and have been happy with it. I always use it at its lower speed. However, because I travel frequently, I’ve been thinking of switching to Quip. With the Goby, I always make sure I charge it just before I leave on my trip, as I prefer not to have to take that many recharging devices when I travel. Your article was very helpful in some ways, and quite unhelpful in others. I am now even more confused about whether I should switch or not! I think I might go ahead and order the Quip before my next Goby brush set is due. Then, if I don’t like how it cleans, I can return it and no harm done. Still have the Goby. Thanks for your detailed article!

    • Hi Nora.

      Thanks for the comment.

      It is great to hear from a long term user of Goby.

      I am sorry you found that parts of this article were not that helpful. I am guessing that this might be because in many areas there is not always a clear cut winner. You want me to say X is better than Y?
      Perhaps you can tell my which parts and why?

      It can be very difficult to make such conclusions as individual needs and wants are different, so I try to be as balanced as possible.

      I think you plan is a good one. However, as you suggest I think you may find Quip a little weak from a cleaning power perspective in comparison to Goby.

      I welcome any feedback.

      • I ordered the Quip yesterday. I’ll be sure to leave some feedback once I’ve tried it and decided if I should keep it or just hang on to the Goby. Another thing that attracts me to Quip vs. Goby is the noise level. If I get up early in the morning in a strange hotel, I’m always concerned that I’m waking people up when I brush my teeth with my Goby. I know that’s silly, but it’s the way my mind works! 🙂

  5. I bought both the Goby and Quip. I am a senior citizen, and found that the Goby was really hard on my gums and made my teeth sensitive. A dentist that did a review on youTube also commented that the Goby was good for people 30 years of age and younger, but thought the action was too strong for older people. I stopped using the Goby, now my gums feel fine and my teeth are clean.

    • I went from a quip to a goby and my gums actually started bleeding ….after a few days it stopped and actually everything felt cleaner then before

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