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Does Oral-B make a water flosser and where can you get it?

Yes, Oral-B does make water flossers.

However, their range is limited, and not as good, compared to the likes of Waterpik.

If you want a water flosser, I strongly encourage you to take a look at our best water flosser post. This will give you a list of tried and tested options that are available to purchase.

Should you want to know more about the Oral-B water flosser range then read on.

Oral-B Aquacare Water Flosser

What water flossers does Oral-B make?

At the time of writing, to my knowledge, Oral-B is currently manufacturing only 1 or 2 versions for the USA. They are:

However, globally there are 4 other models they are manufacturing.

  • Aquacare 4
  • Aquacare 6 Pro-Expert
  • Oral-B Health Center (Pro 2000 + OxyJet Oral Irrigator)
  • Oral-B Health Center (Smart 5000 + OxyJet Oral Irrigator)

The Advanced, along with the Aquacare 4 and 6 are cordless water flossers.

What this means is that they have a water tank and rechargeable battery built-in.  You do not have to be connected to a physical power source to use it.

The MD20 and Oral-B Health Center options are countertop units that need to be connected to power to function.

The OxyJet MD20 is a traditional water flosser that most of us picture.

Does Oral-B make a water flosser and where can you get it? 1

The Health Center versions as the same thing, but they have an electric toothbrush provided in the box too.  Think of these as a bundle and a complete solution for your oral health.

The configuration of the Health Center is such that the charging stand for the toothbrush is built-into the whole unit, rather than being separate.  This means that both the water flosser handle and the toothbrush dock to the health center.

The only irrigator available in the USA is the Oral-B Water Flosser Advanced.

The other models are sold in other parts of the world, most notably the UK, central Europe, and Australia.

The Water Flosser Advanced is the US version of the Aquacare 6 that was launched in the UK alongside the Aquacare 4 in 2019. These are the newest models. Other OxyJet models have been around for quite some time.  That said, whilst the OxyJet water flosser element has been around for a while, the health center bundles do contain newer style toothbrushes.

In the past Oral-B has sold a number of different variants within the US.

The names and part numbers of these include:

  • AdvancePower WaterJet
    • Models: MD3, MD30, MD31, OC3, OC30, OC31, OC301
    • Type: 4803
  • OxyJet 3D Center (water flosser and toothbrush combo like the health center)
    • Models: MD15, OC15.525, OC15.545  
    • Type: 4715  
  • Plak Control Center (water flosser and toothbrush combo like the health center)
    • Model: MD5000, MD5000S, OC5025, OC5025S, OC5525 / S, OC5545
    • Type: 4723
  • Plak Control Ultra Center (water flosser and toothbrush combo like the health center)
    • Model: MD9000, OC9025, OC9525, OC9545  
    • Type: 4714
  • Professional Care 7500/7900 Center, Professional Care 7500 OxyJet, Professional Care 8000/8500 OxyJet, Professional Care 8000/8500/8900 Center (water flosser and toothbrush combo like the health center)
    • Model: OC17, MD17, OC18, MD18, OC19, MD19
    • Type: 3719

All of the current models use the OxyJet nozzle.  This is a proprietary product, working only with Oral-B made irrigators. It may also be referred to as the Aquafloss nozzle.

The nozzle fits to the top of the Aquacare cordless units or to the handle on the OxyJet countertop units.  It allows the water to flow from the handle of the irrigators and pushes the water out through the tip.

A grey slider switch just under the head of the nozzle allows the jet of water exiting to be changed from either a continuous and more powerful jet of water or a softer, rotational flow of water.

Does Oral-B make a water flosser and where can you get it? 2
Does Oral-B make a water flosser and where can you get it? 3

There is too a Precision Jet tip. This is much closer to the typical jet tip you might expect. However, the Oxyjet is the more commonly marketed/promoted nozzle.

Truth be told, whilst many of Oral-B’s products are very good, the OxyJet is a bit of an exception.  Don’t get me wrong, it does work.  But, performance, quality, and reliability are not great.  

You may be able to cut Oral-B some slack because the OxyJet design is quite old now, but the newer cordless Aquacare models really are not that much better.  They look nice and on paper sound ok, but in practice, they just don’t function as well as Waterpik or many of the other ‘cheap’ brands that you find online.

Where can I buy an Oral-B water flosser?

If you really want to buy an Oral-B water flosser over and above our recommendations in the best water flosser article, then you will want to purchase the Water Flosser Advanced from oralb.com.

Walmart does have the OxyJet listed but it has been unavailable for some time now and I don’t suspect it will be coming back into stock any time soon.

You might be lucky to find one on eBay.  It may be a used product, or if new, it is likely going to be shipping from Europe. 

You stand the best chance of sourcing the MD20 variant of the OxyJet with the USA.  The Aquacare series has not been sold here at all to date and the Health Center versions mentioned come with brushes not sold in the US.

If you are after the OxyJet (Aquafloss) nozzles, you can buy those from within the US, they are for sale on Amazon.

Oral-B water flosser reviews

I have reviewed the only model that is available within the US.

The following link will take you through to my own hands-on review.


Oral-B’s range of water flossers are limited within the USA, but you do have 1 option.

It is satisfactory. But in truth, you can probably get better oral irrigators from brands such as Waterpik.

Your Opinions

Do you own or have you used the Oral-B irrigator?

Are there certain features that you really like or dislike?

Leave a comment below.

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