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White Spots On Teeth: Why Are They There & How Do You Get Rid Of Them?
Introduction The news coverage and social media we come into contact with often leads us to believe that everyone has[...]
Bleeding gums when brushing teeth
Bleeding gums when brushing or flossing your teeth is not normal or healthy! Let’s get straight to the point here…[...]
Best treatment for mouth ulcers / canker sores
Quick Links Best Mouthwash for UlcersBest Gels For UlcersDo's & Don'ts Overview Even if you have only ever had 1[...]
Tooth Extraction: Healing Time, Cost & Removal Process
Introduction With proper care and maintenance, the natural teeth that you have in your mouth, will last a lifetime. However,[...]
Tooth, mouth & gum abscess treatment: a detailed guide
Introduction An abscess in the mouth is not the most pleasant thing to experience. It can be painful and uncomfortable.[...]
Gingivitis (Gum Disease): Symptoms, Causes, Treatments & FAQ
Gingivitis is a disease that affects the gums, causing inflammation and bleeding. It can be prevented, yet the Centres for[...]
Emergency Dentist – Instructions, Costs & FAQ
Life is short and should be enjoyed, but one of the consequences of life is accidents.  Whether you like it[...]
Wisdom Tooth Pain: Symptoms, Removal Procedure & FAQ
Introduction Whilst your wisdom teeth usually emerge a few years after all the other permanent teeth you have, when you[...]
Tooth Decay: Signs, Symptoms & Treatments
You have probably heard of dental caries (tooth decay), but do you really understand, what it is, what causes it[...]
Tooth repair: how to fix a chipped, cracked or broken tooth
Your smile and the way you look may well be very important to you. Even if you take the very[...]
Root Canal Treatment: Cost, Procedure & FAQ
When you smile or open your mouth, the part of the tooth that everyone sees, is called the crown.  This[...]
How to identify and treat a dead tooth: advice from a dentist
All teeth have a nerve inside of them, and it is perfectly possible to damage this nerve. If there is[...]
How to stop braces pain & other braces problems
Introduction If you are experiencing pain whilst wearing braces then this article is for you. Not only will I be[...]