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CleanTeeth (previously CleanFreak)- initial thoughts and reaction

CleanTeeth (previously CleanFreak) - Initial Thoughts

CleanFreak, now known as CleanTeeth is another approach to the mouthpiece toothbrush, which I have been covering for some time here at Electric Teeth.

It is due to begin shipping in February 2021 November 2022 — we have one on order and will update this page until a full hands-on review is available. You can order CleanFreak here on Indiegogo.

In the sections below I give my initial thoughts and reactions based on previous testing of similar products, and explain in detail what CleanFreak is and how it works.  

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CleanTeeth (previously CleanFreak)- initial thoughts and reaction 1

CleanFreak CleanTeeth is not the most appealing looking mouthpiece toothbrush.  The handle appears a bit bulky and potentially less friendly for frequent travelers.  However, this can be excused if the real world cleaning results are as good as suggested.

It is great to see that clear before and after images are included at the time of announcement (as well as a video) showing the product’s ability to remove plaque.

The use of nylon bristles is definitely the right choice compared to the silicone that has been used on some other and less effective mouthpiece toothbrushes.

It would appear that the front teeth will gain much more brushing time than the rear teeth due to the way that the mouthpiece moves along each row.  It would be preferable if all teeth gained equal attention, but this is part of the challenge of creating a mouthpiece toothbrush that actually works.  However, as long as each tooth gets brushed effectively, that is ultimately all that matters.

The application of regular toothpaste into the brush head is a bit of a cause for concern.  Other similar products have failed to move the toothpaste around the teeth very well and lots of residue has been left within the mouthpiece after use.

Timeline of updates

At the moment CleanFreak is due to begin shipping in February 2021 November 2022.

We will update this section of the page as time goes on with any further news on availability.

  • August 15th 2022 – Shipping delayed until November.
  • April 27th 2022 – Shipping delayed until August.
  • December 15th 2021 – Due to changes in brush head design shipping now expected May 2022.
  • September 15th 2021 – The product name has changed from CleanFreak to CleanTeeth. The total brushng time has increased from 30 to 40 seconds. The first untis are not due to ship in February 2022.
  • May 16th 2021 – Shipping delayed again. Now expected to ship in September 2021.
  • December 15th 2020 – Shipping delayed until June 2021 rather than February.
  • August 13th 2020 – Kickstarter campaign ended. Successfully funded with $171,040 (US). Pre-orders now being taken on Indiegogo.
  • June 29th 2020 – Electric Teeth back CleanFreak
  • June 23rd 2020 – CleanFreak achieves funding goal of $25,000 (US)
  • June 16th 2020 – CleanFreak available to back on Kickstarter

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CleanFreak (now CleanTeeth) Explained

CleanFreak CleanTeeth is the name given to this mouthpiece style toothbrush developed by the parent company DentFreak.

CleanTeeth is an automatic toothbrush that is designed to clean all the teeth in the mouth in just 30 40 seconds.

If you are not already familiar with the concept of a mouthpiece toothbrush, it is something that has been around since 2017.

Since they were introduced, I have tested quite a few during this time and to date, none have been considered good enough to replace your regular manual or electric toothbrush.

Announced in mid 2020, you could argue that CleanTeeth is late to the party, but in all honesty it has given them time to learn from the failings of others.

DentFreak's CleanFreak mouthpiece toothbrush

CleanFreak/CleanTeeth achieves a clean of the teeth in just 30 seconds, but brushing all the teeth in a single arch at one time, rather than tooth by tooth as you and I might with a regular toothbrush.

You brush the teeth in the top arch and then you brush the teeth in the bottom arch.  You spend 15 seconds on each arch.

Because all 3 surfaces of the teeth are cleaned simultaneously, considerable time savings are made.

Like other mouthpiece toothbrushes, CleanTeeth aims to resolve the common issues that exist within toothbrushing, notably the incorrect technique.  

The design means that the teeth gain an appropriate level of attention, the bristles make contact with the gumline at a 45 degree angle and the right pressure is applied.

The silicone mouthpiece is due to be made available in 2 sizes, medium and large so you can get the best fit for you, as a one size fits all approach has as yet not worked.

Medium is designed to suit those with 14 teeth in lower jaw, whilst large is for those with 16 teeth in the lower jaw.

Medium and Large CleanFreak Mouthpieces

Embedded within the mouthpiece are soft nylon bristles of differing length, angled perfectly to effectively clean the teeth.

The mouthpiece itself does not actually fit over all the teeth when you first place it in the mouth.  

Once you turn the brush on, the mouthpiece moves with 5mm strokes and causes the brush head to shift sideways along the teeth to ensure it then reaches the very back teeth on both the right and left side of the mouth.

This does ultimately mean the front teeth gain more brushing time than the molars at the back of your mouth.

DentFreak themselves have been very upfront from the launch of this campaign with how well the brush cleans.  They have performed their own plaque disclosing solution tests, with before and after images and video.  The results were shown in a presentation, that is no longer available online. The results suggest it can remove 93% of plaque compared to the 42% the average user removes.

The idea with CleanFreak is you place it in the mouth, turn it on and away you go.  You have to do little else, taking the pressure off you to do it right.  This makes things considerably more convenient.

Watch the following video to learn more and see it in action.

Additional notable details about CleanTeeth are the fact that the built-in rechargeable battery is capable of lasting up to 25 uses per charge.  That is just shy of 2 weeks.  This is acceptable, but given the shorter brushing time and the size of the handle, a bit longer would have been good.

A charging dock will be provided and that dock has space for storing replacement brush heads.

Unusually, compared to most toothbrush replacements that are encouraged at 3 months, DentFreak suggests 4 monthly replacements.  This is likely because of the reduced total brushing time, the bristles within the head wear slower.

CleanFreak Toothbrush

The brush is designed for adults aged 21 years+, so this is not one for kids.  

The product is waterproof and designed to be durable.  It is set to come with a 1 year warranty and comes recommended by dentists who have worked with DentFreak on making CleanTeeth a reality.

CleanTeeth is the result of 5 years of work and is expected to ship in February 2021.

Launched on Kikstarter on June 16th 2020, looking for £20,318/$25,000.

The campaign continues to run until August 13th 2020.

Early backers can choose from a number of packages with discounts as listed below.

CleanFreak Rewards

You can find out more over at Kickstarter

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