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BrushPro X Toothbrush Review – Do Not Buy!

BrushPro X Toothbrush Review - Do Not Buy! 1


It does not work as you would expect and the company/seller behind the product is falsely advertising this product.

Save some money and go for a conventional brush that works β€” see our up-to-date list of the best electric toothbrushes here.

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I am going to keep this article fairly short and to the point. There is no need for me to write a long explanation as to why you should not buy this toothbrush.

To be clear, I have not personally purchased or used this toothbrush, to make a definitive comment on how well it works.

I titled this article a review, it isn’t. But, I wanted to gain as much attention as possible, for your benefit. However, I think you will understand why I am saying do not buy this product when you read on.

BrushPro X - DO NOT BUY

BrushPro X, BrushProX, Brush Pro X or any other variation of the name which is used is what the company call an ‘Automatic Toothbrush’ and it is being sold through the following websites:

  • www.brushprox.com
  • www.getbrushprox.com
  • www.bosstech.com / https://boss-tech.com/brushprox/US/x-22/
  • www.megadeals.ltd
  • And I suspect others I have likely yet to come across

An ‘automatic toothbrush’ is another name for what I call a ‘mouthpiece toothbrush’. and my mouthpiece toothbrush article goes into great detail about these types of toothbrushes and why they are not quite ready for daily use.

Whilst I have concerns about the methods some companies are using to lure people like you and me into buying these products, the tactics used by those selling BrushPro X are particularly worrying and ultimately why I believe you should avoid this product.

Firstly, their website claims, as per the image below, that this is the ‘Worlds First Automatic Toothbrush’. This is not true. If any can claim ‘First’ it was the Amabrush toothbrush that launched on Kickstarter in 2017.

BrushPro X website

Secondly, the company shows reviews of their product, however, pictured is a review of V-White, a product I have reviewed. Amazingly, all the reviews listed are 5*. πŸ€”

BrushPro X reviews

This leads me onto the third point which is I believe the product they are actually shipping is the V-White toothbrush and not their own product.

V-White is a brand out of China. It has been re-sold by many companies, but a large number are passing it off as their own. You believe you are getting BrushPro X, but the package you receive is V-White. It is labelled all over the box etc.

The features listed on the sales page are not necessarily incorrect, but they are not clear that you are actually receiving a different brand of product.

I explain this more in the mouthpiece toothbrush article.

So are you concerned by now?

Well perhaps when you realise the ‘Contact’, ‘Terms of Use’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ links at the bottom of the website www.brushprox.com are all broken will leave you more suspicious. In fact, the broken links try to go to www.getbrushprox.com, another website with a similar name.

Whilst there are many more things I could point out as a concern, the last and most significant I believe is the adverts they are creating.

Promoted primarily on YouTube, their adverts are made up of various images/video clips, several of which are taken from our very own videos, of Amabrush, a product that looks and performs differently to BrushProX.

Just take a look at the following images.

BrushPro X Toothbrush Review - Do Not Buy! 2

BrushPro X Toothbrush Review - Do Not Buy! 3

BrushPro X Toothbrush Review - Do Not Buy! 4

I did contact the company about these adverts. They did reply, and suggested the videos would no longer be used. However, promotional videos remained online days after this correspondence. YouTube removed them as a result of ‘Copyrite’ infringement.

So, there you have it.

Make up your own mind, but I do strongly encourage you not to buy this product.

Save your money and go for a conventional electric toothbrush, such as the Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4100 which is currently our number 1 recommendation in our list of best electric toothbrushes.

Your Opinions

Do you own or have you used the BrushProx.

Perhaps you have taken a look at their sales pages and have your own concerns?

Let me know what you think about this brush and let others who may well be considering purchasing one know your opinions before they do.

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15 thoughts on “BrushPro X Toothbrush Review – Do Not Buy!”

  1. I was one of the suckers that paid $114.00 for this useless piece of garbage. Even after charging it up it never worked for me. It didn’t vibrate once although it did illuminate a light. I was SO dissapointed. I so wanted to believe that I found a device that would perfectly clean my teeth. PLEASE don’t waste your money!! Thankfully my bank rescued me and refunded my money. The Clean T company is not in the USA and I had no way to dispute the purchase.

  2. Hello and thank you for making this video warning to not purchase BrushProX. Your reasons were because it is a bad product and because it is not a legimate seller. I theorize that it is a complete scam.
    I saw the BrushProX ad in March of this year. I am a ridiculously slow decision maker for luxury purchases (not because I can’t afford them, but because I think that they could be a waste of my money and/or time), so I decided I would think about getting the BrushProX for a year before actually buying it. (Odds are, I usually forget about what I saw within a few days, so I don’t care, because I can’t remember.)
    All that to say– I remembered the product and its name, never bought it. Just today, however, I saw an identical ad for the same product, but with a different name, “CleanT”.
    Seeing that it was identical, I looked up its website to see if the BrushProX had changed its name from before. No evidence it had, but the website was the same, and it said (as it did 6 months ago) that the product was half off and that the first 1000 buyers got the discount.
    Something smelled fishy. I looked up the BrushProX site. That’s been removed, with only one page saying that “Your orders should be coming in the next 24 hours” or something.
    I found your review just below the BrushProX website in my search options. I watched your 3 year old review of BrushProX, (showing yourself in their stolen ads– you couldn’t have had better credibility), and the video hasn’t changed, (except it has a more robotic voice that can’t speak English like a normal person, and using the normal tones of voice for nouns and verbs, and confusing them when ambiguous in their context.) My theory? This is the same Chinese scamming company as before that can’t speak English.
    You were also in their video again. I think that they took people’s money and ran without giving them any product at all. CleanT = BrushProX = Fake News. Don’t get it, it’s a scam (that even if it wasn’t as scam, still wouldn’t work.) To my knowledge not one person who has paid for the product has received it.
    Here’s the link to their new scam website.
    Here’s the link to their old scam website.
    The reviews on both websites were identical. You can see the old website on the review on this page by that Electric Teeth guy.
    Thank you for warning us, Electric Teeth guy!
    Also, sorry for making this long, to anyone reading this.

  3. Jon, Why don’t you see if you can get my credit on my AMX card?

    that would be a good customer service follow up, instead of just saying sorry for your trouble, since it’s your company/.

    • Hi Bob.

      I think there might be some misunderstanding. Here at Electric Teeth we/I are not the manufacturer or supplier of the product BrushPro X. I have written about the product advising others not to buy it.

      It would seem that you already have purchased it and are attempting to get a refund.

      I expressed my apologies for the situation that you found yourself in because as much as I want to help you, I cannot personally obtain a refund for you.

      Your contract/purchase was with a different company. Electric Teeth/I have not sold or shipped you anything. I have no affiliation with BrushPro X.

      If you are not having any success in obtaining a refund from the BrushPro X company, despite having contacted them, perhaps the next course of action would be to speak to American Express and explain the situation. It may well be that they can refund your money and claim the funds back from BrushPro X.

      I do really hope you get a positive outcome from this.

  4. When I ordered I did not know it was coming from Russia, so I tried to cancel, I was told not already shipped, and when I receive it just sent it back for credit. I did just that. Now they are saying I need proof I sent it back.
    It took over a month to receive when they said it would only be 6 to 8 days.
    I have never received my credit! I think this is a scam.

  5. As `JPD` noticed before `https://get-cleant.com` is not in the list on this page.
    I also noticed that while the URL `https://brushprox.com/` doesn’t work `https://brushprox.com/homepage/NL/h-71/?gclid=CjwKCAjwtqj2BRBYEiwAqfzur1dXS_NVOENUbPP1z4iA_ARM5eXmwqRwwmuofOFvQQh8k44DjnvoKBoCpxUQAvD_BwE` does.

    • Thank you for sharing. It is the same product. From the contact details on the site I can see it is the same company selling this product.

  6. When I saw the ad, it felt first genuine, however, when they used swedish words, and then said they will ship it to sweden, it immediately made my red flags tingle…

    I then Googled it, and rest is history…

  7. I am always on the lookout for better dental hygiene, as my teeth are not as great as i want them to be. Once again i have been saved to looking up reviews such as this and i want to thank you for saving my money.

    The world is getting a lot of less honest people these days….

  8. But this would leave me the consumer, wanting an automatic toothbrush that actually works still empty handed. Is there another product that you could get behind that is honestly marketed by the company that makes it that has its own distribution through Amazon or at least US based not sold though cheesy Shopify or other fraudulent websites used by Chinese companies selling cheap junk?

    • Matt.

      I hear you.

      I have recently received and am testing a product called Y-Brush. This could be the answer, but I don’t want to speak too soon. More testing needed.

      Watch this space. I will be posting a clear update as soon as is possible.

  9. I rarely ever watch a YouTube commercial longer than it takes for the “Skip Ad” button to appear but I actually watched the whole 4 min plus BrushPro ad. Then I Googled their website and added “Reviews” at the end and came across this page. I’m so glad I found your site and this article.
    As a consumer I am so sick of companies throwing their own logo on a product, calling it their own and peddling it to the public while trying to make as many sales as they can before their exposed then moving on to the next campaign. Most people don’t realize these companies are in the marketing business and actually not in the business of whatever product they are selling. And on top of that they stole all your video work which is what caught my attention and why I watched the whole ad.
    They say they can sell it so cheap because “We don’t pay for advertising” so I would like to ask them this, “Do you mean you don’t PAY to create your advertising because you steal it from other companies or is YouTube giving you a 4 1/2 minute time slot for free, or is it both?”.
    I am in the market for an electric toothbrush to purchase as gifts for my kids and grandkids and I will now buy them from your site because you did something that most companies fail to do, earn the consumers trust. You “knocked it outa the park” with this short, simple little post exposing a scam.

    Thank you Jon for your honesty, please add me to your mailing list of you have one.
    Robert Riggs
    Birch Run, Michigan

    P.S. Please feel free to use my comments and name as you see fit on any of your sites. Sorry this was so long winded so feel free to edit it down if you want. Have a great day.

    • Robert.

      Thank you so much for the kind words and I am ultimately pleased you found this article helpful.

      Just to be clear, at Electric Teeth we don’t manufacture or sell our own products. We do have referring links to trusted sellers/products where we may earn a small commission, which ultimately keeps this site going.

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