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Brusheez Review

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Our Verdict

When you consider what you get for $20 you really cannot grumble.

The design of the brush certainly appeals to kids and with 4 different options, there should be something to suit most.

The wall mountable stand, brushing chart and additional brush head all add to the overall appeal.

In some respects, you get what you pay for and at $20 this is a good buy, but if you can afford to spend more, you will probably feel long term it is the better investment.


  • Design
  • Box contents
  • 5 year warranty


  • Noisy
  • Bristles are a bit stiff
  • No timer built-in – only sand timer
Preview Product Rating Price
Brusheez Kids Toothbrush Brusheez Kids Toothbrush 38,016 Reviews $49.99 $19.99

The 3 BIG questions about the Brusheez Electric Toothbrush

If you are short of time, the answers to the following 3 questions should let you know all you need to about the Brusheez toothbrush.

If you want more detail, you can read our full Brusheez children’s electric toothbrush review further down the page.

1. Is there anything drastically wrong with this toothbrush?

There is nothing drastically wrong with this toothbrush.

It offers a reasonable box contents for the price and a design that works well for the younger age group it targets.

However, it would have unlikely cost too much more to add in a few touches to make this just that bit better than it is.

2. Which other brushes should I consider?

You cannot argue with the value that Brusheez offers and in some respects, it has crafted its own space in the market.

Similarly priced is the Oral-B Kids 3+.  The built-in battery and timer is a plus in my opinion, but it is not as engaging as the Brusheez design is.

Much more expensive, but what I would consider the ‘best electric toothbrush’ for children is the Sonicare for kids Connected HX6321/02.

I believe this has a bit more functionality and scope to work with the child as they grow not to mention the quality and brand reputation that comes with it.

3. Where’s the best place to buy the Brusheez children’s electric toothbrush?

Amazon is realistically the best place to buy the Brusheez toothbrush from.

Whilst you can too buy from ebay, the Brusheez website itself links you to Amazon to make the purchase.

Therefore you have few options when it comes to the question of where you buy from.

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And now for a bit more detail…

Brusheez are not a household name like Sonicare, Crest, Colgate and Oral-B, but they have developed an electric toothbrush for kids that has won fans, both children and parents across the United States of America.

Whilst it brings the power of the electric motor to everyday brushing, there is a certain simplicity and child friendly element to it, that should have your child actually wanting to brush their teeth and enjoying it as they do.

Variants of this toothbrush

Brusheez (at the time of review) make 4 different models of this electric toothbrush for kids.

Technically they are the same, but what differs is the color scheme and character of the brush.

The 4 characters and their colors are as follows:

  • Buddy the Bear – blue and orange
  • Jovie the Giraffe – yellow and orange
  • Prancy the Pony – pink and turquoise
  • Snappy the croc – green and purple
Brusheez Review 1

As you can see from the images, it is primarily the snap-on brush head cover that gives the personality to the toothbrush, but the color of the brush handle is important to fit in with this.

It is the character and colors that give the look to the brush that young children connect with.

What’s in the box?

  • Brusheez electric toothbrush handle (color/design subject to model)
  • Snap-on brush head cover
  • 2 x brush heads
  • Rinse cup
  • 2 minute sand timer
  • Stand/storage base
  • Screws and wall plugs
  • Documentation including brushing chart
Brusheez Review 2

Key Features

  • AA battery powered
  • 1 cleaning mode
  • 2 minute timer
  • Engaging design
  • Suitable for children aged 3+ years
  • Wall mountable

Pro & Cons

Here are what I believe to be the advantages and disadvantages to this electric toothbrush.

The Positives

  • Design – The bold colors, characters and general design make the brush engaging for children.
  • Box contents – A good box contents including a spare brush head and wall mountable stand are provided.
  • 2 minute sand timer – Helps encourage brushing for the right amount of time.
  • Brushing chart – A different type of tool, but one that encourages regular brushing.
  • 5 year warranty – Exceeds the 1-2 year warranty that is common on most products.

The Negatives

  • Noisy – The brush is not all that quiet.  Similar noise level to an Oral-B electric toothbrush.
  • No timer or pacer built-in – No electric timer and pacer, only the 2 minute sand timer.
  • Grip – The handle could be a bit grippier, with some rubber on the rear of the handle.
  • Bristles – They are not as soft as would be ideal.
  • Rinse cup – Encourages rinsing post brushing which goes against most dental advice.
  • Build quality/reliability – Small issues the could long term be a cause for concern.

Design, usability, clean & general use

The exact design and color of the Brusheez depends on the variant selected, but I have been testing for this review, Snappy the Croc.

Refer to the variants section of this review to see the other designs.

Brusheez Review 3

The majority of the handle is a light green color with the Brusheez logo, rubber grip and power button on the front of the brush being purple in color.

The ring at the bottom of the detachable brush head is purple in color too.

Brusheez Review 4

The spare brush head provided is actually purple with a green ring at the bottom.

Wider than it is thick, the brush handle is not cylindrical like many are, but more oval shaped.

It fits quite comfortably in the hand of a parent and most kids should be ok too.

It is designed for children aged 3 years and above.

Brusheez Review 5

Looking at it head on, the main handle has 2 separate buttons, a power on and power off in the upper third of the handle.

The on button has a 1 on it compared to the 0 on the off button.  The on is slightly larger in size.

Both are quite resistive and need a fair bit of force to use.  It is possible for children to press, but not quite as soft touch as I would have expected.  There is too not all that much feedback and they feel that possibly long term they could be a weak part of the brush.

Brusheez Review 6

Roughly halfway down the handle is the logo running horizontally.

Below this in the lower third of the handle is a wavy shaped purple rubber grip.

This and the power buttons protrude slightly from the plastic handle just enough to add texture and gripping points.

On the sides of the brush handle is nothing but smooth plastic and the same is true of the rear of the handle.

That said, to the right and left side are 2 wavy lines that run virtually top to bottom and these offer up a small amount of extra grip.

It would have been better in my opinion for slightly more accentuated grips on the back or a piece of rubber.  But, I think this might in part be because of the design of the croc that is trying to be achieved.

The very bottom of the handle actually pulls off, to reveal the battery compartment.

At the edge of the cap both front and rear is a very small ridge to help pull it out.

Inside fits 2 x AA batteries.  None are supplied in the box and icons inside the cover and the brush handle make it clear how these go in.

The cap is then pushed back into the handle to seal it shut.

There is a plastic clip and rubber seal built into this cap, that do the job, but neither feel great and I have long term reliability fears.

The brush itself stands upright.

Although I said it had more of an oval design, when laid on its back the brush won’t roll, which I approve of, because it is actually virtually a flat back to the handle.

At the top of the brush handle is the brush head.

Brusheez Review 7

Where many brush heads pull off and push on, a neat touch here is the way it has to be turned about 45 degrees to the right to unlock it, before it can then be pulled off.

To replace it, align the head 45 degrees to the right, push it onto the handle, then twist to the left for it to lock into place.

This makes things safe for kids and makes it less likely to come off.

At the top of the brush head are the bristles.

These bristles are mounted in clusters and together form a small round brush head, very similar to a head you would get on an Oral-B brush.

Brusheez Review 8

Bristles are white in color and there are no fading indicators to help show wear.

Sadly the bristles are a bit firmer than I would like and are not super soft as would be the recommendation of most dentists.

This may well be okay, if the child does not brush with too much pressure, but could potentially be damaging if they do brush too hard.

If you are not aware, the advice is to replace the heads every 3 months.  Sooner if the bristles are misshapen, frayed or split.

The accessory that really gives the character to this brush is the snap-on brush head cover.  In this instance, it is the croc.

Brusheez Review 9

Simple to snap on, it fits over the head and protects the bristles, but has more than enough gap around it to let air flow and dry the bristles.

Whilst it snaps on easy, it also comes off easy too.  So if thinking it will act as a good cover if traveling, I do not have much confidence that it would stay in place properly.

Brusheez Review 10

The brush itself can be placed into the provided stand/storage unit.

A nice touch, this holds the toothbrush and a spare brush head.

Fitted to it, is a rotatable sand timer, that can be used to time the clean.  I love this.

Whilst I would have liked to seen a built-in timer and pacer built into the brush, like many other brushes offer (it probably wouldn’t have cost much to add) the sand timer will engage kids much more from my experience.

The sand is a clear clue to them that they need to keep brushing or stop, whereas they can easily miss the timer built into the brush.  So I give points to Brusheez here.

The rinse cup, also built into the stand, is potentially useful, but the box suggests this can be used to rinse away toothpaste foam after brushing.

Against the advice of dental professionals, children and adults alike should not rinse after brushing.  Spit out any excess toothpaste. Rinsing just washes away the good left behind by the toothpaste.

Really I think parents just need to educate kids when the best (if at all) to use this.

Another nice touch is that this holder is wall mountable and screws and wall plugs are provided.  This is something rarely seen today.

Brusheez Review 11

It can sit on a countertop too of course.

The actual cleaning experience of the brush is not all that bad either.  It works in a similar fashion to an Oral-B brush with the oscillating brush head.

It moves at 4000 revolutions per minute, which is more than enough for a small child, but far less powerful than most adult toothbrushes and even those more premium models from other brands.

Power and number of movements is only so important, more important is cleaning time, regularity and technique.

The sand timer helps with time, the provided brushing chart, that children complete will help with regularity, but technique there is little in the way of guidance provided, bar a few instructions on the box.

That said, given the age range this brush is designed for, parents need to supervise and help teach the correct techniques.

Theoretically, you can use this brush as an adult, but I imagine by the time most kids hit about 8-10, they will want something more grown up.

This is where the likes of the more premium Sonicare Connected and even the Oral-B Kids 3+ come in.  To some extent, although suitable, they are more appealing to older children, but they help with the education a little better.  Both have supporting smartphone apps that give that extra bit of education and guidance not available on this toothbrush.

In daily use the brush is a bit noisy, similar in sound to an Oral-B brush, you don’t get the soft vibrating humm of a Sonicare toothbrush.

Once powered on you will need to turn it off, as there is no automatic power off features built-in.

Overall though there is a lot to like here.

Add in the suggested 5 year warranty and the low price point and the Brusheez is an attractive option.

Summary of design, usability, clean & general use

  • 4 different designs
  • Ovalish shaped handle with some grip on the front
  • Limited grip on the rear
  • Brush stands upright
  • The brush does not roll when laid flat
  • Power buttons are a bit stiff and lack feedback
  • Battery cap/compartment cover is ok, but not the best
  • 2 brush heads provided
  • Brush heads twist on and off for security
  • The brush is a little noisy
  • 2 minute sand timer is engaging
  • The storage unit is a nice touch and is wall mountable
  • Provided rinse cup should not really be used
  • Brushing chart helps with the regularity of brushing

Battery life

All the Brusheez variants are powered by 2 x AA batteries.

Sadly, batteries are not supplied out of the box, so you will have to buy a set before you can get up and running.

The fact that it is powered by AA batteries makes it quite versatile as they tend to last a long time and they are easy to source and replace.

To place the batteries into the brush, you pull off the battery cover, which is essentially the bottom of the brush handle.  There is a small ridge front and back to help pull this off.

You then place 2 batteries inside.

Brusheez Review 12

If you look inside the handle, it will show you what way to place the batteries in.  In my case, it was + terminal to go up into the handle on the left side and – on the right side.

You then replace the cap and push it back into the handle.

There is a plastic clip as well as a rubber seal around the cap that holds it securely in place and stops water from getting in.

Neither are the strongest or most secure fittings on the brush and I do feel like this is a possible weakness long term.

Once inside they do not wiggle about and fit snug.

I have been testing for a few weeks now and the batteries are still strong.

I haven’t used for this long to confirm 100% but I do believe that you will get about 6 months use from the 2 batteries before they need replacing.

As you might expect, 1 downside is there is no real way to tell how much power does remain in the batteries.

Eventually, the brush will slow or stop completely when all the power is gone.

Brusheez Review 13

Many chose to replace the batteries at the same time they replace the brush head, so as never to run out.  This is not a bad idea, but you might be wasting still perfectly usable batteries.

It would be nice if there was a battery status icon, but no brush I know of with removable batteries offers such.

Those with built-in batteries generally do, although Oral-B’s Kids 3+ does not.

The downside is the built-in batteries tend not to last as long; days or weeks, not months.

Summary of battery life

  • Powered by 2 x AA batteries
  • No batteries supplied in the box
  • Should last about 6 months
  • Can potentially be worth replacing when replacing the brush head
  • No way to tell how much power remains
  • Battery compartment seal is ok, but not great

Price & where to buy

I have included links to buying options here at the start of the review.

In the section below, I discuss the price more generally and in relation to similar products.

As I outlined in the 3 big questions at the start of this review, the main place to buy Brusheez from is Amazon.

You can buy from ebay, but Brusheez on their own website redirects you to the Amazon sales page.

$19.99 is the price asked for this brush.

Brusheez Review 14

For this price, you get all that is listed in ‘what’s in the box’ which is pretty good value.

The number of electric toothbrushes for children is limited, but when you consider the alternatives this is well priced.

Oral-B’s Kids 3+ does have some compelling features like a built-in battery, but it lacks the engaging design that Brusheez offers.

The Sonicare connected electric toothbrush for kids is the best children’s toothbrush, in my opinion, but it is at least double the price.

Whilst $19.99 might be the cost to buy it, there is then the cost of replacement brush heads and batteries over the life of the brush.

Brusheez Review 15

Here at Electric Teeth, we price the brush over 3 years to give some benchmark for comparison.

Given that the Brusheez comes with 2 brush heads in the box, it will be necessary to buy an extra 10 over the 3 year period.

Assuming a battery life of 6 months, it will also be necessary to buy 12 x AA batteries to power it.

Sold in packs of 2, the brush heads cost $8 per pack, so $4 each.

Over 3 years that is an expense of $40.

Each individual AA battery is about $0.50, so there is $6 cost to add in.

Therefore over 3 years you are looking at a price of $66 for the sake of round figures.

Please note that all prices quoted are approximates and will vary based on location, supplier and time of purchase.  These figures were correct at the time of writing and should not be relied upon as hard fact, but used as a guide during your decision process.

Summary of price & where to buy

  • Available primarily from Amazon
  • Price of $19.99
  • Brush heads $4 each, sold in packs of 2 for $8
  • Requires AA batteries
  • Cost of $66 over 3 years

Reliability & long term use

The Brusheez has been in for testing with me for a number of weeks and to be honest, it is performing as well as it did the moment I took it out the box.

You do for the most part get what you expect.

The fit and finish is not exquisite but is more than good enough for the most part.

Only real long term testing will say how it will survive, but my time with it and experience tells me that there are a few potential concerns.

Brusheez Review 16

There are 2 main concerns that I have are the buttons and battery compartment.

The on and off buttons are a bit stiff and give little feedback, I fear they may stop working at some point.

The battery compartment pushes up into the bottom of the brush handle and has a seal to keep the water out and the cap securely in place.

Whilst it’s not likely to just fall out, the seal doesn’t seem the most robust and with a fairly weak locking mechanism I fear that it will loosen and water will make its way inside.

The unit I have been testing has not failed, but I have read quite a few reports online of many not standing the test of time.  To be fair, this is a relatively low number in comparison to the positive comments.

However, you would think that the supporting 5 year warranty would have you covered.

Brusheez Review 17

Not able to speak first hand, it appears some have struggled to get the brush repaired or replaced under warranty as you might expect.

This is in part why it is worth considering the bigger brands like Oral-B and Sonicare who perhaps have higher standards and more robust support networks.


When you consider what you get for $20 you really cannot grumble.

The design of the brush certainly appeals to kids and with 4 different options, there should be something to suit most.

The wall mountable stand, brushing chart and additional brush head all add to the overall appeal.

Softer brush bristles, as well as a timer built into the brush, would be nice. But, these are not necessarily make or break features, particularly when you consider the sand timer is probably much more ‘fun’ for a child.

I don’t think it is perfect though.  I would get rid of the rinse cup and I have some concerns about longevity.

In some respects, you get what you pay for and at $20 this is a good buy, but if you can afford to spend more, you will probably feel long term it is the better investment.

Philips Sonicare for Kids 3+ Bluetooth Connected Rechargeable Electric Power Toothbrush, Interactive for Better Brushing, Turquoise, HX6321/02
Brusheez® Kid's Electric Toothbrush Set - Soft Bristles, Easy-Press Power Button, Battery Operated, 2 Brush Heads, Animal Cover, Sand Timer, Rinse Cup and Storage Base - Ages 3+ (Jovie The Giraffe)
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Philips Sonicare for Kids 3+ Bluetooth Connected Rechargeable Electric Power Toothbrush, Interactive for Better Brushing, Turquoise, HX6321/02
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Brusheez® Kid's Electric Toothbrush Set - Soft Bristles, Easy-Press Power Button, Battery Operated, 2 Brush Heads, Animal Cover, Sand Timer, Rinse Cup and Storage Base - Ages 3+ (Jovie The Giraffe)
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Electric Teeth Rating
Oral-B Kids Electric Rechargeable Power Toothbrush
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Oral-B Pro Health Junior Review
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Electric Teeth Rating

Electric Teeth 4 Star Rating

Size Guide

  • Height (without head) – 16.2cm / 6.4”
  • Height (with head) – 21.5cm / 8.46”
  • Width – 3.5cm / 1.4”
  • Thickness – 2.5cm / 0.9”
  • Weight (without head & batteries) – 126g / 0.27 lbs
  • Weight (with head & batteries) – 130g /0.28 lbs

All are approximates

Your Opinions

Do you own or have you used the Brusheez children’s electric toothbrush?

Are there certain features that you really like or dislike?

Let me and other users know your opinions know, your input is valuable.

And of course, should you have any questions, just ask.

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  1. My son was asking to have an electric toothbrush like his older brother. Found “Pepper the Dino” at Walgreens and I was surprised to see how reasonably affordable it was. So far it’s been a big hit with my son!

  2. My son loves his dinosaur brushes electric toothbrush. It’s fun and effective. And the sand timer is the perfect amount of time for my two year old.

  3. i love the brusheez toothbrush look. i love animals. i’m keeping the toothbrush as a souvenir. i hate the fact that the bristles on the brusheez toothbrush is so hard !. i tried this toothbrush & it hurt my teeth so much !.

  4. i love my luna the llama brusheez kids electric toothbrush set. the bristles on this brusheez is unfortunately a little bit too hard but very cool. i just wish the bristles were soft. if brusheez toothbrush were soft i would definitely buy it again. i’m a huge animal lover.

  5. I love them I bought 2 ….
    1 pepper the dino
    1sparkle the unicorn
    My Grandbabies are 2 & 3
    The both were born with cliff lip & pallet
    They love these tooth brushes works great.. Great price..

  6. I purchased this tooth brush for my 3 year old. It was easy to use and cleaned his teeth beautifully. I especially liked the hour glass that helped let him know how long to brush for.

  7. I bought 2 Shadow and 2 Sparkles Brusheez toothbrushes for my grandchildren for Easter. I love the design and the cute stand with the hourglass timer for the children. They were especially proud to mark their charts that they completed their tasks for the day. Awesome product!!!
    Looking Forward to the replacement brush heads to come for them for the future !
    Thank you for the great company customer service! This is fantastic!

  8. I purchased my brusheez kids electric toothbrush set from “The Lakeside Collections” for my grandson. He loves it! Especially the hour glass. He has “Jovie the giraffe”. The giraffe is the animal he loved the most at the zoo because he got the chance to feed them. He loves the vibration on his teeth. He says, “granny my teeth are really getting clean”!!!

  9. My Grandson who’s 3 loves his new found friend. Every day he comes to me with the same words over and over. I want to brush my teeth.
    And since he can’t say teeth so clearly it makes me chuckle.
    Until I got him Brusheez he refused to brush. Now he loves doing it.
    It’s worth the money. I and my Grandson rate this a five star.

  10. The Brusheez is a good toothbrush for kids age 3-8. My grandson has only lost his 2 front bottom teeth and he is 7 years old. The brush is the right size for him to brush those little teeth. I thought he would be to old for this brush but he isn’t, it all depends on the size of the kids mouth and teeth.we love it. Could you please send any extra replacement toothbrush heads, he has the green alligator brush. Our order number is XXXXXXXX I got it from Kohl’s.

    • Hi Karen.

      Thanks for your feedback. It is always great to hear what others think of the products.

      I am afraid we are not the manufacturer or affiliated in any way, so we are unable to send any replacement brush heads.

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