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Snap on veneers: are these cheap veneers a viable alternative?

Snap On Veneers

Veneers are one of a number of different cosmetic dentistry options available to improve the look of your teeth.

Professionally made and designed dental veneers can be used to hide any “imperfect” teeth you may have.

By using a very thin layer of material, a cosmetic dentist designs a veneer to match the shape, size and color your desire.

A very versatile option, the best veneers look just like natural teeth and can last for 10-20 years, depending on the material used.

At around $300-2000 per tooth for dentist provided veneers, the total cost to transform your smile costs thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars. This is expensive and beyond what many people can afford.

This then is where snap on veneers potentially become a much more viable alternative.

Photo of Instasmile veneers
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What are snap on veneers?

Snap on veneers are a type of product that fit over and around your existing teeth.

Once fitted, the look of your teeth is altered.

In most instances, the snap on veneer is used to improve the cosmetic look of your teeth. This might be to give the appearance of being straighter and whiter.

Unlike real dental veneers, these snap on alternatives can be fitted and removed as and when you like with no need for a visit to the dentist.

They require no dental injections, cutting of gums or tooth tissue and no bonding.

Usually made from a resin, the snap on veneer, essentially acts like a mask over your natural teeth, much like a mouthguard might.

Also known as a snap on smile, when fitted correctly a snapping sound is made as the veneer wraps around the teeth, hence the name.

To gain a better understanding of the process and feel of these types of products, I have reviewed one of the best known brands of snap-on veneers, Instasmile.

You can read my thoughts and opinions in my Instasmile review.

Woman clipping on top veneers
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Other names for snap on veneers?

There are a number of different names used to refer to what is essentially the same thing.

Snap on veneers is probably the most widely used term, but other names include:

  • Clip on veneers
  • Snap on smile
  • Removable veneers
  • Temporary veneers
  • Instant veneers

How are snap on veneers different to normal dental veneers?

The fundamental difference is that snap on veneers are a temporary solution that can be attached and removed from the teeth, as and when you like, by yourself.

Traditional dental veneers are a permanent solution that requires a dentist to bond them to your natural teeth and also remove them should you want to.

Commonly, traditional veneers require injections and cutting of gum and tooth tissue to make sure they fit and look great. This does not apply with the snap on variety.

This said, there are dentist provided options such as instant veneers that are a little less invasive.

Made from different materials, snap on veneers are significantly cheaper, but do not normally offer the same natural look and finish as those provided by a dentist.

A possible catch is that it can be more difficult or restrictive to eat whilst wearing a snap on smile. There are sets designed to be worn when eating, but there are suggestions that this could be damaging to your natural teeth. Take a look at the review below, left by a customer on Trustpilot.

Photo of top arch veneer
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Pros and cons of snap on veneers

The following are what I consider to be the main advantages and disadvantages to snap on veneers.


  • Removable – Take in and out as often as you like.
  • No dentist/dental work involved – In most cases there is no need for a dentist to be involved and no dental work required.
  • Temporary – Allow you to get an idea of what your teeth will look like if you invest in dental veneers without committing to the procedure or costs.
  • Semi-permanent – More durable options exist to allow for extended/everyday wear.
  • Cost – Cheaper than dentist made and fitted veneers.
  • Buy online – Can be bought from the comfort of your own home.


  • Durability – They tend not to last all that long, from a few months to a couple of years.
  • Temporary – They are not really a long term or permanent solution.
  • Quality – Significant differences in quality offered from different brands.
  • Price – Initially cheaper, long term may not work out the best value.
  • Cosmetic look  – The veneers can look more artificial than you might like.
  • Color – The color match to existing teeth can be poor.
  • Buy both arches – You ideally need to buy veneers for both arches so there is a more consistent look to the teeth.

Why would I want snap on veneers?

There are many potential reasons why you might want to opt for snap on veneers but the primary reason is to improve the look of your teeth and smile, without an expensive or invasive trip to the dentist.

If you do not like the way your teeth currently look, veneers can alter this to make them more cosmetically appealing.

If you have a chipped, crooked, wonky or even a missing tooth or gaps in between teeth, then a snap on veneer is an option to artificially correct these issues.

The improved look that you then gain as a result of wearing the veneers can, in turn, give you more confidence in yourself, particularly when in public and for you to open your mouth and show your teeth more than you would have previously.

You can pop them into the mouth and take them out as often as you like, using them only when you feel they are necessary.

Where the best veneers provided by your dentist require injections and modifications to your natural teeth, this is not the case with these removable veneers.

They are also considerably cheaper than proper veneers that can cost anywhere between $300-2000 per tooth.

Top veneers clipping on to teeth
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Why wouldn’t I want snap on veneers?

There are many positives to wearing these clip on veneers, the instantly improved look you get being the most significant. However, there are a few things you need to be aware of.

The biggest danger and risk is not taking care of what natural teeth you have. You need to ensure you maintain good oral hygiene standards, even if you are going to wear a snap on smile.

Lovely white, aligned teeth won’t look great if you have red, puffy and bleeding gums as a result of gingivitis.

Not all of these clip on veneers are made equal.

Photo of top and bottom arch veneers
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What I mean is that some products are going to be better than others, from the materials used to the actual design, fit and finish. Some will be thicker or thinner than others with some looking more plasticy or artificial. I am not calling anyone company out here, but as a general rule the more you pay the better the product is likely to be.

However, different companies use different materials and have different customization processes that all play a part in the set of clip on veneers you get.

Durability can be a concern. Few companies actually make it clear what their products are made from. Lots of people have complained that their veneers broke within days or weeks of purchase.

They are generally made from very thin resins or plastic materials which should withstand the pressures they endure, but because they are thin or potentially made from lower grade materials, the placing, and removal as well as the biting pressures when eating can wear them material quickly.

Many choose to go a shade or two whiter when picking veneers, but unless you can accurately compare your current shade to the new shade prior to purchase you may find the veneers are duller or whiter than you imagined.

You want to be cautious when picking the color, as the shade on screen will look different in real life and in different lights.

Very few people actually suit really white teeth. Teeth naturally have a yellow hue to them, so be aware of this.

Most companies offer the option of buying the veneers for either the upper and lower arches of teeth or both. It is advised to buy veneers for both rows/arches of teeth. Although typically it is your top teeth that are most visible, if you select only one of the arches you may find that it becomes very obvious that you are wearing veneers as the color match and alignment can look quite different.

Many veneers do allow you to eat whilst wearing them, but some don’t advise it. Even those that are designed for withstanding the pressures of eating, you will find there are often limitations on the sorts of foods you can eat. Chomping into a toffee apple you won’t be.

I along with our in-house dentists have concerns about wearing these whilst eating. Just read this independent review from a customer, who now has a broken tooth as a result of wearing the veneers whilst eating.

Bad customer review of Instasmile

Some veneers can potentially damage the enamel of your teeth, particularly the poorer fitting options. The constant fitting and removal can cause the veneers to rub against the enamel on your natural tooth. This rubbing of the veneer on the natural tooth surface can be worsened if the veneers allow you to eat whilst they are fitted.

To my knowledge, there is no clinical evidence that backs this up, but reports of damage being done as a result of these products exist.

There is a lack of research because, from a dental professionals point of view, there are very few occasions when such would be recommended. Even when they are, normally a premium product is selected and they are worn for a short period of time, so the possible damage done is limited.

The final thing to really be aware of is just what the veneers look like in relation to your existing teeth. Whilst the alterations can be for the better, the makeover offered by the veneer can also be a little extreme and very obvious to those who know you.

Online services, in particular, make the veneers essentially to your specification, but despite taking molds and seeing images they just can’t get the same view of your teeth as a dentist can in person.

You have the option often of deciding whether to go for a straight look or something that fits your natural tooth profile. Straight is a preference for many people, but they may not look so natural in the mouth.

A final comment on why you might not want snap on style veneers from some of these companies is the service received. I am not calling anyone company out, but whilst all companies will get negative feedback, I would suggest the rate of negative ratings given by customers is higher than many others. Ratings seem to be either really good or bad, with few at the satisfied level. I include a couple of screenshots taken at the time of writing to demonstrate this.

Positive reviews of instasmile
Positive reviews of Secret Veneers

Snap-On Smile – The original snap on veneers

I said earlier that Snap-on Smile was another name for these types of veneers.

Snap-On Smile is actually a brand name of a type of clip on veneer made by US company DenMat.

Because of what it is and what it achieves, the brand name has, in essence, become a more generalized term to refer to these clip on veneers. Much like how ‘coke’ has become the name many use to refer to cola.

Established in the 1970’s DenMat offer many different products to dentists around the world, and Snap-On Smile is just one of these.

If you were to go to your dentist asking for a temporary or cheap alternative, it is most likely going to be a set of Snap-On Smile teeth that you will be offered.

The dentist has a few choices in size and color of the veneers, as well as full and partial arches. The dentist will pick those that will most closely match your existing teeth and look most natural.

Representing the best of what is available today, the quality and materials used in Snap-On Smile are excellent. You do also have the peace of mind that they are produced by a leading dental brand.

As with other clip on veneers, it is a non-invasive cosmetic option and is available as a full or partial arch.

Entirely tooth-borne, no adhesives are required and those who wear a Snap-On Smile are free to eat, drink and function normally.

However, like any snap on veneers, these are specifically designed as a temporary solution, not a permanent one, but with care can last for several years.

Illustration of Snap On Smile
Copyright ©DenMat™

A temporary solution

No snap on style veneers whether provided by a dentist or bought online are a permanent solution.

These products are designed to be a temporary or semi-permanent solution.

You can’t pop in the veneers on day one and forget about them. Even the best quality snap on products will need to be removed regularly and are not designed to last forever.

Most will last 12 months, some a little longer and some sadly less.

There are some companies who are offering much better quality and more durable options that should last a few years and can be worn the majority of the day, including when you eat and drink.

However, not all products are the same, so if you want a semi-permanent solution, you are going to need to opt for the more premium brands like Instasmile, that offer such.

Even the best porcelain veneers bonded to the teeth by a dentist will last no more than 20 years and will require replacement.

Snap on veneers: are these cheap veneers a viable alternative? 1

What makes an ideal candidate for snap on veneers?

The vast majority of people are suitable candidates for snap on veneers.

You do need to have some of your own natural teeth or implanted teeth to which the snap on veneer can attach.

The more teeth to which the snap on can fit too, the stronger and more durable it should be as your natural teeth help give the rigidity to the veneer.

These are not an option for those with no teeth or just a few teeth, because there is very little or no teeth for the veneers to attach and remain securely fastened.

Snap on veneers: are these cheap veneers a viable alternative? 2

Are these a good way to test the look before going for proper veneers?

Yes and no.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to give a definitive answer to this question, because everyone’s teeth and the desired look is different as is the quality of the veneers.

For most people, the snap on veneer will be a very useful tool that allows you to gain a good idea of whether you like the new look in comparison to your natural teeth. They will help you decide whether going for proper veneers form a dentist is what you want.

However, for some, the results may not be so positive. This is because the quality of the veneers differ as do your teeth and look.

It may take a few attempts from different companies to get the look you are after. Even then, no artificial veneers like this represent what the premium porcelain veneers might look like.

Secret Veneers photo showing color scale available
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Are they an alternative to dentures?

In some cases, yes they are.

Let me be clear here. For those who have a full set of dentures in either the upper or lower arch or both, clip on veneers are not an alternative. There is no means by which the veneers can be attached.

For those who may have a partial denture then the use of snap on veneers may well be an option because the veneers can be attached to and around existing teeth, just like your denture does.

Because the veneers will likely be spanning a gap from one through to a few teeth, the veneers can remain fairly stable and because the gap to be covered is not all that larger.

However, whilst this is an option, dentists will generally advise sticking with a denture over some sort of temporary solution like clip on veneers. This is because the denture is designed to be a more permanent fixture and is able to withstand more pressure and remain in place (in most cases) when eating and drinking.

There are some exceptions where a dentist may advise a solution like a Snap-On Smile rather than a traditional denture. The most likely situation where this would arise is if the denture was causing gagging and heaving or had a significant impact on the palate.

Instasmile diagram showing upper arch and lower arch suitability

Removable veneers are not an alternative to good dental hygiene

Your natural teeth may not look as you wish for a number of reasons.

Perhaps too many sugary drinks or poor brushing alongside limited visits to the dentist have left you with sensitive about how your smile looks to others.

Maybe you have suffered trauma to your teeth, or their natural alignment is far from straight.

Although a snap on veneer can alter the way your smile may look, it does not alter the natural teeth you have.

The snap on veneers may mask the teeth, but they don’t stop Caries (decay), gum disease or other conditions that can affect your teeth and mouth.

You still need to take care of your teeth and general oral health.

You need to brush your teeth twice a day, clean interdentally and visit the dentist for regular checkups.

The veneers may mask what lies behind, but you need what lies behind to be maintained to ensure the veneers remain attached when in the mouth.

Please do not think that by purchasing these clip on smiles, you no longer need to brush the teeth or take trips to the dentist, you certainly do.

Secret Veneers before and after photo
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Which are better, real veneers or snap on?

Real veneers.

If you want the most natural looking smile, then there is really no competition, those veneers designed and fitted by a cosmetic dentist will look and feel the best.

In most cases, those veneers are handmade from porcelain by a specialist technician. Although it must be said, advances in technology such as no-prep veneers (CEREC) achieve some fantastic results.

These veneers are fitted to the natural teeth and allow you to live life without compromise. You can eat and drink normally and you can be assured that the veneers have been made specifically with you and your smile in mind.

Veneers last 10 to 20 years normally and whilst they must be replaced, the regularity is much less than snap on veneers.

Lasting anything from a few months to a few years they are not as durable and although technology has helped the snap on veneers look more natural, they simply don’t look as good as veneers made by a dentist. When you get face to face with a person, it is easier to tell the snap on’s are artificial.

Of course, much of this is personal opinion. There is certainly a place for snap on’s, particularly if they are desired only for occasional use and finances do not allow the purchase of dental veneers.

Snap on veneers: are these cheap veneers a viable alternative? 3

Are snap on veneers recommended?

In select situations, yes they are, as a temporary solution.

Snap on veneers are not, nor are they (in most instances) designed to be a long term solution.

If you have been considering getting dentist provided and fitted veneers, snap on’s help give you an idea of what your smile may look like, without committing to the procedure.

They may also be an option to improve your smile if you can’t yet afford the dental treatment.

You can essentially live with your new smile for a few months and use it as part of your decision process as to whether or not to commit to traditional dental veneers.

There are some other medical/dental situations where the snap on veneers can be useful, but as a temporary measure only.

Photo showing upper and lower arch clip on veneers
Copyright © Instasmile™

It could be that you are going through the process of having dental implants, but you do not want to have missing teeth whilst your gum heals. You can wear a snap on veneer until the abutment and crown for the implant are fitted.

A temporary set of veneers might also be useful for particular social engagements you may have. Perhaps you are going to a wedding, a party or a special event. The veneers can alter your smile in a way you might be happier with, giving you extra confidence and being happy to pose for photos you may have otherwise avoided.

Snap on veneers have their place, but they are not an alternative to dental veneers.

The process of getting snap on veneers

Before you can go around showing off your new and improved smile, there are a few stages you need to go through before you actually get them in your hand to fit to your teeth.

The stages I outline below relates to most of the cheaper online companies and not those snap on/instant veneers you can get from your dentist.

Please be aware these stages are generalized and the exact steps will vary from one company to another. For the purpose of example only, I have used screenshots and images from Instasmile to help explain the process.

Illustration showing order process for Instasmile

Get a dental check-up

I strongly advise the first thing you do is you have a dental check-up.

Whilst the look and condition of your teeth might be the reason you are considering veneers in the first place, it can potentially be damaging to go ahead and wear these veneers regularly if there are problems with your teeth and oral health that need sorting.

Issues like cavities and gum disease really should be dealt with before wearing them and may only be made worse if you wear veneers, not having dealt with the issues.

Although you might not be overly happy with your smile and the way it looks, teeth can in many cases still be healthy.

Snap on veneers: are these cheap veneers a viable alternative? 4

Deciding on a brand/company

The first thing to do is decide on which brand of veneers you want.

Popularity has meant that there are now many companies offering these products.

Some companies are more reputable than others and the quality and price can vary dramatically.

Research each company, what they can offer and make a decision which is best for you.

Take a detailed look at their website, read the frequently asked questions and become very familiar with what they offer.

Ask yourself questions such as:

  • Are the prices really cheap?
  • Are the prices aligned with other companies?
  • What is the warranty period?
  • Can you eat and drink with that brand of snap on veneers?
  • What are the terms and conditions of purchase?
  • What happens if you are not happy with the results?

Check their contact page to learn where the company is based. Do they have an office you can visit, a telephone number you can call or ways of contacting them should you have any questions or queries.

My own research has revealed that a few providers have limited methods of contact, which can be a little worrying.

If you think you have made your decision, leave it 24-48 hours before making the purchase to ensure you have time to think about it properly. If you still feel you are making the right decision then go ahead.

Snap on veneers: are these cheap veneers a viable alternative? 5

Online order process

This tends to be a fairly slick and easy to complete process.

The exact steps will vary from one company to another, but the better companies will usually ask more questions about you and your teeth.

These questions should allow the company to ensure you are selecting the right product for you.

For example, if you have no teeth at all and think that these are an alternative to dentures, the questions and answer process you go through should essentially decline your custom as you are not a suitable candidate for these clip on veneers.

It is at this point that you will be expected to select the product you desire from the companies range and make decisions on things like the color and the tooth alignment (assuming these options are given).

You will to usually be presented with extra details about the companies order process, the time it takes and importantly the final cost.

Snap on veneers: are these cheap veneers a viable alternative? 6

Taking impressions of your teeth

Within a few days of submitting your order to the company, through the post will come an impression kit.

This kit contains all the items you need to take the impressions required in the comfort of your home.

It is from this kit that your veneers will be custom made.

Photo showing impression kit being used
Copyright © TruSmile™

Some kits will ask for a couple of impressions to be taken, whilst others will ask for just one.

Do be aware, if you are getting veneers for just one or both arches, this will affect the kit supplied too.

It is very important to follow the instructions carefully. Most companies offer written and video instructions.

Don’t go rushing into it because the putty used sets quite quickly and you don’t normally get a chance to do it again, without buying or requesting another kit.

A typical process for taking impressions is as follows:

  • Having a mirror and clock/timer on hand.
  • Checking the tray size is correct (before adding the putty)
  • Open the putty (often a white and a colored putty) and mix together for about 30 seconds, then press into the tray.
  • Place the tray into the mouth aligning over the arch of teeth you want to take an impression of.
    • Make sure the tray is aligned correctly.
    • Ideally, you want your teeth in the middle of the tray.
    • Once aligned gently press onto the teeth with a smooth action.
    • Don’t bite down.
    • Keep pressure on the tray so that it remains in place.
  • Leave the tray in place for 3 minutes.
    • Try not to move during this time.
    • Resting your elbows on a tabletop can be helpful.
  • Breathe through your nose.
  • Don’t worry if you dribble.
    • Don’t clean it up as this can alter the impression.
  • Once the 3 minutes are up, the putty in the tray should feel firm to the fingertips. If it does, you need to begin removing.
    • You will need to apply a little pressure and gently rock the impression off of the teeth.
  • Once removed from the mouth, don’t play with the impression, leave the putty in the tray.
  • Check the impression does it look ok?
    • Is the color of the putty uniform?
    • Are there clear markings of your teeth in the putty?
    • Do they look the correct shape usually a curved shave, not pointed or stretched)?
    • Are there holes in the putty?
    • A good impression will often have excess putty pushed out through the plastic tray.
    • Contact the company if you are not sure or want a second opinion
Photo showing good and bad examples of impression moulds
Copyright © TruSmile™
  • Let them dry naturally.
  • Take photos of your teeth and smile.
    • Some companies require several photos of your teeth to be emailed into them or uploaded to their system.
    • This is usually a head on and side on shut of your teeth as well as then a top up/down shot of the tops of your teeth.
    • These are used to help with the manufacturing process to ensure the molds are a good match to your teeth and your veneers are made correctly.
  • Post them back to the company, completing any additional necessary steps.
    • A box/packaging and labels are usually provided.

Here is a video created by Instasmile that demonstrates their impression kit process.

The manufacturing process

Normally, within 24-72 hours of receiving your impressions, you will receive contact from the company to confirm how long the manufacturing process will take and when you can expect your final veneers.

You will have likely have been given a rough idea of how long this process will take at the time of placing your order.

Typically it is 2-3 weeks.

Some companies do offer express services so that you can get them quicker.

It is at this stage that the company may contact you or re-send an impression kit if the first impressions provided were not suitable.

Fitting the veneers

Once the manufacturing time has passed you should soon have your final custom made veneers.

Normally these are ready to wear right out of the box, but you should double check the instructions provided and may want to rinse them first.

You can then follow the directions provided to insert them into your mouth and you can not enjoy your new transformed smile.

Snap on veneers: are these cheap veneers a viable alternative? 8

Snap on veneers before and after

The following images are before and after photos of people who are wearing or have fitted removable veneers.
You can see how for some the transformation is quite radical.

In some instances, the teeth are very white and almost look unnatural, but if that is the look you want, then that is fine.

Snap on veneers: are these cheap veneers a viable alternative? 9
Snap on veneers: are these cheap veneers a viable alternative? 10
Snap on veneers: are these cheap veneers a viable alternative? 11

How to look after snap on veneers

The way in which you should care for and look after your veneers will depend on the product you have opted for.

Always follow the guidelines that the manufacturer of your veneers offer.

However, as a general rule, the following steps should ensure your veneers last as long as possible.

Clean them daily

Using warm water, thoroughly rinse the veneers after every use.

A soft bristled toothbrush is advised to remove any residue or more stubborn substances from the veneers.

Disinfecting tablets, similar to those used for dentures can be used to keep them in optimum condition and super clean.

Snap on veneers: are these cheap veneers a viable alternative? 12
Copyright © Instasmile™

Put in and remove carefully

The veneers are made from thin, but relatively durable materials.

Putting the veneers into the mouth and removing them can cause pressure and extra stress to be placed on the veneers, if they are not handled carefully.

It is important when fitting to ensure that the veneers are aligned correctly to fit over your natural teeth.

Starting with the back teeth, clip the veneers over with a little pressure, but not too much force. Move towards the front to ensure a nice snug fit.

Because the majority of veneers are custom made they should have a good fit. Any play in the fit or sensation of them coming loose will require you to speak to the manufacturer.

When removing the veneers, start at the front of your mouth, at your canines (the fang shaped teeth). Gently tease the veneers from side to side until they come loose.

Try to avoid too much pressure and flex or bending of the veneers.

Storing the veneers

When not in use, you should ensure that your veneers are stored in a safe place, ideally in a storage case to protect them from unwanted damage and exposure to other elements that may affect them.

Keep out of direct sunlight or particularly hot environments as this could lead to an alteration in the shape.

Snap on veneers: are these cheap veneers a viable alternative? 13
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Snap on veneer brands and manufacturers

There is an increasing number of suppliers of snap on veneers.

Snap-On Smile is really the market leader as the most professional brand, given it was essentially the original and is one of the only options available from registered dental professionals.

However, there are many cheaper and more affordable options available to buy online.

Below are a list of the largest and most popular companies to buy from along with a brief overview of what they offer, where you can find out more about them and approximate costs.


About: Perhaps one of, if not the biggest online brand for veneers. There have 3 different products, the moment, classic and the platinum and offer single arch veneers as well as packages for both. A one off payment price as well as finance options. It requires impressions to be taken at home. Available in Australia, USA, Canada and the UK.

Website: https://au.instasmile.com/

Approximate cost: From $699 for a single arch and $999 for both up to $1799 for the most premium option.

Snap on Smile

I have now completed a full Instasmile review, having bought a pair myself and tested them.

About: The original snap on veneers, manufactured by US firm DenMat. Offered through dental practices. Most popular in the USA, but available in many other countries too. You cannot order online. They are generally the best quality, but also the most expensive.

Website: http://www.snaponsmile.com/

Approximate cost: Prices vary from about $1500-2500 per arch, but average prices tend to be around $1800. There is often a slight discount for both arches. $700-1000 for a partial arch.

Secret Veneers

About: A UK based company offering full arch veneers. You buy each arch with no discount for buying a full set. Requires impressions to be taken at home. Payment plans offered as well as a one off payment. They ship worldwide, so as an Australian resident you can order from them.

Website: https://www.secretveneers.com/

Approximate cost: $550 (£299) per arch.

Brighter Image Lab

About: An American firm with several packages available. They offer an impression kit you must complete at home. Custom made for you. They have a US, UK, Canadian and Australian site. Offer one off payments as well as 2 half payments.

Website: https://pressonveneers.com.au/

Approximate cost: Cheapest option is $987 per arch and $1598 for both arches with the most premium being $1950 for an arch and $2850 for both arches.


About: An American company that requires you to take an at home impression. Offer a package containing both upper and lower teeth. The veneers cover 12 teeth on each arch. You can pay one lump sum or in 2 installments. Offer worldwide shipping.

Website: https://www.trusmileveneers.com/

Approximate cost: Both arches $660 (single payment) $680 (2 payments)

Fab Smile Veneers

About: A UK company offering two different products, ideal and Elite. An at home impression kit is used to custom mold the veneers. Available for one or both arches. Savings to be had for buying ‘spares’ along with various payment options. Worldwide shipping offered.

Website: https://www.fabsmileveneers.co.uk/

Approximate cost: Prices start at around $360 for a single arch or $620 for both. More premium elite option increased to $760 and $1160.

Perfect Smile Veneers

About: A very cheap and basic option. Molded using hot water at home, no impression kit of weeks of waiting. One size fits all solution that really looks quite artificial and is very difficult to fit correctly. Offer worldwide shipping.

Website: http://www.perfectsmileteeth.com/

Approximate cost: $22

Ebay / Amazon

For those with the tightest of budgets, there are a number of companies offering off the shelf, mould at home/fit instantly packages via the likes of Amazon and eBay.

These tend to be really cheap, at around $10-30 and generally well under $50.

The price tends to reflect the quality and fit of these veneers.


The prices of snap on or clip on veneers vary from one company to another and from one country to another.

For just a few dollars you can get the most basic clip on veneers that may or may not be possible to mould at home.

Most cost effective they tend to be, but the fit, finish and overall quality tends to be extremely poor.

Whilst ultimately no clip on veneers are designed to be permanent, the gold standard are really those offered by Snap-On Smile, available only through a dentist.

Snap on veneers: are these cheap veneers a viable alternative? 14

At approximately $1800 for an arch and $3500 for both arches, this tells you get an idea of how these cheaper online providers compare.

You will always pay a sizeable premium when going for the leading brand and when you have to involve the time of a dentist.

The ‘better’ options are those that require you to take an impression of your teeth and custom make the veneers for you based on the impression you take.

A single arch of veneers, be that top of bottom cost anything from about $350-1000 with both arches costing $600-2800.

There are companies that offer cheaper and more expensive, but these are just a guide.

Different companies do have different payment options.

Some require full upfront payment, whilst others offer the option to split the cost over 2 payments. This is usually an initial payment before the impression kit is sent, followed by the second and final payment when the veneers are ready to be dispatched to you.

Select companies do offer finance plans/weekly payments.

Whilst the payment plans may seem more attractive, please really do consider if you can afford this and do not over commit yourself.

Snap on veneers: are these cheap veneers a viable alternative? 15
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Cheap veneers

It is a buyers market and there are many ways that you can save money, find more affordable or cheaper options, heck, this is why snap on veneers became a thing in the first place.

To compare snap on and dentist provided veneers is a difficult and perhaps a little unfair as although the intention of the product is similar, the results and living with them on a daily basis are quite different.

The most affordable veneers on offer from your dentist are composite veneers.

These will cost approximately $300-900 per tooth.

They last about 5 years and require no alteration to the enamel on your teeth. This means they are easier to fit and adjust and are reversible.

The number of veneers required varies from person to person. The size of our teeth, mouths and smile vary quite considerably. Assuming you want the “perfect” smile, you may need as few as 4 or maybe as many as 10 veneers on both upper and lower jaws.

Let’s say you were to have 6 veneers on the top and 6 on the bottom row of teeth, that is 12 in total. At $300 per tooth that is a cost of $3,600 in total.

For the sake of comparison, Instasmile Platinum cost approximately $1799 for both arches.

Snap on veneers: are these cheap veneers a viable alternative? 16

Now, their snap on product does cover all teeth not just the 6 on the upper and lower jaw.

The premium platinum set comes with a 12 month warranty.

Assuming they last about 18 months, you would need to buy 3 sets over a 5 year period at a total cost of approx $5397.

There is $2397 difference in price.

Given that you can eat all foods and not have to remove the composite veneers like you do the snap on alternatives, composite veneers are the obvious choice?

Porcelain veneers are the gold standard when it comes to dental veneers and cost anywhere between $900 to $2500 per tooth.

In my example above, you would be looking at a cost of anything from $11,000 to $30,000 to get porcelain.

Of course, this is just an example, but let’s say you pay $19,000 and assume they last 15 years (typically 10-20 years) that would give an annual cost of $1266.

By my calculations that is approximately $66 less per year than opting for the Instasmile platinum veneers.

Reviews of snap on veneers

There are many people who have tried snap on veneers and from what I can tell, it is pretty much a love it or hate it situation for those who have.

Hundreds are raving about their experiences, how good the veneers look and how they simply don’t regret their purchase.

But there are also those who are very dissatisfied with the results as well as the experience they have had in actually ordering their new snap on smiles, not getting the results they expected.

The following are some independent reviews I have found online.

INSTAsmile Review - Must watch before purchasing!
Client review of secret veneers
I ordered TruSmile Veneers and this is what happened...

I also link to websites that collect customer reviews about different companies. Some make for very interesting reading.


In few instances would a dental professional recommend removable veneers.

More often than not, the results that these clip on solutions offer are far inferior to that offered by a dentist.

There is a significant variance in the quality, durability, materials, look and overall results you get from these snap on smiles, not to mention the customer service.

As a temporary solution, they do have a place. For those who have teeth they are not proud of and don’t have the budget for cosmetic dental work, they certainly offer a lifeline and a feeling of confidence that can’t be acquired elsewhere.

They are also a relatively cost effective option for testing out a new look without committing to the dental work and higher cost.

They certainly serve a purpose, but when it really comes down to it, for the vast majority of people, these cheap veneers are not a viable alternative to the veneers offered by a dentist. They are too fragile, require additional maintenance and simply do not look as good and potentially pose a long term risk to your natural teeth.


Can you eat with snap on veneers?

This depends on the veneers you have opted for. Check with the manufacturer.

Many products do require that the veneers be removed before you eat.

However, there are many that do allow you to eat with them fitted.

In those cases where the veneers can be worn when eating you should be able to east most hot and cold foods as well as drinks.

Particularly hard or sticky/chewy foods should be avoided.

Other factors such as your own dental profile and what style of alignment you have chosen on the veneers will have an impact.

Our in-house dentists do have concerns about wearing these when eating as there are reports of the natural teeth being damaged as a result.

Will my veneers stain?

Provided they are cared for correctly, there is no reason for them to stain.

Can I smoke wearing veneers?

If you are a social smoker, then yes you can, in most instances. It is always worth checking with the product manufacturer. It is advised after doing so to give the veneers a clean.

Heavy smokers may want to consider removing the veneers or be aware you will need to clean them more frequently.

Do they hurt?

They shouldn’t do. Custom made to your teeth they should fit snugly over your existing teeth.

However, some may find a very slight discomfort for a day or two when first wearing them as they can be a little tight and you will be getting used to wearing them.

Will I have a lisp?

Quite possibly, yes.

Not everyone will, everyone’s mouth and speech is different.

Your brain will quite quickly compensate if you do have one.

The more you wear them and the more you talk, typically the quicker you get over this. Usually, after a few days, you can speak normally again.

If the lisp continues the veneers might not be fitting correctly.

Do I need to see a dentist?

One of the primary appeals of these veneers is that you won’t need to see a dentist unless you are opting for the brand ‘Snap-On Smile’ which is provided only by dentists.
You will still need to visit the dentist for regular check-ups, but not to make or fit the veneers.

For your own peace of mind, you may want to get your dentist’s assistance when taking the molds of your teeth, but this is not required and can be done at home on your own, providing you follow the directions.

Your Opinions

Do you own or have you used a set or removable veneers?

Why did you choose them and what do you think about them?

Are there certain things that you really like or dislike?

Let me and other readers of this article know what you think, by commenting below. Your feedback and opinions are incredibly valuable.

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