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Dr. Gemma Wheeler

Written & Researched by:

Dr. Gemma Wheeler (GDC: 259369)

Dr. Wheeler is a dentist with a passion for the environment.

To compile the advice for this topic she has drawn from her experience as a dentist, tested a wide range of products and referred to the latest studies on sustainability.

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Buyer’s Guides

Radius Source Toothbrush In Hand

Best Eco-Friendly Toothbrush

See our recommendations for the most eco-friendly manual toothbrush.

Eco Terminology & Definitions

Various logos related to recycling and environmental terminology

Find out exactly what commonly used phrases mean so that you can better understand the products you are researching.

Toothpaste Guides

Toothpaste Tablets

Best Toothpaste

Toothpaste tablets are a good alternative to toothpaste tubes. We’ve tested a whole range of them and tell you which ones we prefer.

More Useful Advice

Person having a dental check up

How Do I Know If I’m A High Risk Or Clinically Vulnerable Patient?

If you’re thinking of using a more eco-friendly product, such as a manual toothbrush instead of electric, see this post to help understand what your clinical needs may be.