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  • Best Cordless Water Flosser 2021
    The use of a water flosser can reduce the existence of bleeding of gums by up to 93%. A water flosser is a more gentle, comfortable and convenient way than
  • Philips Sonicare brush heads explained, compared and reviewed: which is best?
    Are you looking for Sonicare toothbrush heads? Are you confused by the different styles? Want to know which is the right brush head for you? In this article I will
  • Best Electric Toothbrush For Kids 2020
    Are you a parent or guardian struggling to get your child to brush their teeth? Does your child think brushing is boring? Do you want your child to have the
  • Best Flosser & Flossing Tools
    Flossing is an eight letter word that manages to make most people cringe and wince at the very thought of what the word implies. There may well have been reports
  • Best Travel Toothbrush 2020
    You may love travelling, or you might not be too fussed. Maybe your job means you have to travel, maybe your lifestyle leads to you travelling, or maybe you have
  • Best Toothpaste Tablets 2020
    When you think toothpaste, you probably think squeezable tube. Not any more! There is a new era of toothpaste products upon us.  Say hello to toothpaste tablets. Gone is a
  • Best Mouthwash 2020
    Introduction Are you looking for a mouthwash to help with bad breath? Do you want a mouthwash to help improve your gum disease? Are you perhaps looking for an alcohol
  • Best Tongue Scraper 2020
    How often do you clean your tongue? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Never? Cleaning the tongue should be a key part of your oral hygiene routine. Why? The tongue provides the ideal
  • Best Manual Toothbrush 2020
    Choosing a manual toothbrush Brushing your teeth should be part of your daily routine. You know you need to do it twice a day for 2 minutes. Whilst there are
  • Best Oral-B Brush Heads: Different Types Compared & Explained
    Navigation Best Oral-B Brush head Which brush head should I use? Comparison Table Video explanation Replacing your brush head What’s the best Oral-B brush head? It is not that simple
  • Best Electric Toothbrush For Braces 2020
    Dentists regularly remind all of us to brush regularly and correctly, but it becomes even more important when wearing a brace. The surface area and design of a brace, particularly